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Modern Venus

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Very nice and tastefully done. The background reminds me of Ice. For some reason not sure why..
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Pale on pale. Beautiful.
TymeausJalynsfein's avatar

Stunning Image...

Keep the Faith

grodpro's avatar
Now that is a beautiful image
Jan-K-Fotografie's avatar
Delightful artwork! Exquisite! :star:
serene and erotic
skdevkota's avatar
dude! I don't know how can i explain about this canvas ? This is out from this world. Very Wow Vision. I love the controlled White tone.
FoxHarvard's avatar
Flawless blonde. Nice.
RedShuttleworth's avatar
What is left but to bow to such beauty?
criaresonhar's avatar
beautifully sensual... love the color, and naturality of the girl
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I love those tones.
mburleigh8's avatar
OO this one gives me an idea,
lordzeppo's avatar
apart from photo manip,is there a way to make the background so contrasted while keeping subject this pure like you did?
She is a lovely model and the background is right on for this.. I just wish her hand were posed slightly more.... Gingerly may be the word. It appears her hand is just there. Not involved in the image.
starsandstripies's avatar
gorgeous. serene, beautiful
IdahoB's avatar
I like the surrounding...very beautiful :)
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Featured in News: A Celebration of Artistic Nudes
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This is soooooo interesting, very well done. I like how the walls match the model and how the skirt is not on but not off. Also a very beautiful model.
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