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Good morning

By photoport
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At first sight I didn't like it (don't know why). But the more I look at it the deeper I'm in love with this picture. I'm not an artist, just a woman, so my critique is not so thoughtful, just emotional. And my emotions say: I love it. I love her eyes, I love her finger touching her lip, I love this deep blue color... Even her hair seems to reflect this magic color, to say nothing of her eyes! I love everything in this great work, especially its title. If I one morning find such a beauty in my bed, I'd definately consider my life being complete, and that morning - the best one of my life.

Artist, bravo! Model, bravo!
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congratulations for your entire gallery !
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There's a wonderful invitation in those eyes. Beautifully captured.
Thanks :)
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The eyes! Oh, please... :)
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Very good use of color, especially given her eyes.
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Precisely caught flirty sexiness. Not realistic, but very Hollywood.
yes ! yes ! yes ! perfect
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So many gorgeous nudes :D
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overwhelming colours, strong expression and posture. both of you did a great job!
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Amazing pose and expression. Impressive model as well
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she is beautiful, the pose, erotic but it's her eyes that "sell" it. WOW
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Nice one! Especially like the perspective!
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I love this one. Very hard image.
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Such a "Good Morning"!;p
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Great legs, awesome belly, super hot
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Those eyes are just fantastic.
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