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April 24, 2005
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Мимо этого кадра не пройти равнодушно... :rofl:
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This is fantastic in every possible way. The lighting, the grain of the film, the woman and the tent. Perfect composition, and somewhere between amusing and depressing. either way, I love it.
agaillard's avatar
i love the analogy between the woman and the tent
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OrSachs's avatar
i really like this shot , it's so witty and funny. :) wonderful!
foig's avatar
So random yet so good.
tju-tjuu's avatar
hehe, it's very funny!.. Like it. :lol:
figotheblackcat's avatar
this shot is too good for its audience.
alerby's avatar
Awesome. +fav
artikboy's avatar
everything's so fat! =)
dougbtn's avatar
Everything bloating in the wind. Wonderful photo
newtone's avatar
haha, that's great!
honyng's avatar
congrat ! that's awesome :)
mjgirl's avatar
lol is that a changing tent? it looks like the wind is blowing thru into it
natyismyhero's avatar
omg :wpw: that is so hilarious! :rofl: people actually bring those to the beach? *shakes head* oh well...there is no accounting for taste in some people...
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simple.nothing to say.
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This is so great, I looked at this at first and was like WTF, and then I got b*tch slapped by the realization that I loved it...this is awesome...but I wonder if the lady realizes that the tent is trying to eat her...
Aurora-Storm's avatar
Reminds me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. :P
two tents in the picture, great shot.
raptoress's avatar
ah, foreboding...
shortidiva19's avatar
If you look up "WTF?" in the dictionary, you should find this picture.:D
zingamaroo's avatar
Look out lady! The big blob monster disguised as a tent is going to eat you!!! But first he's going to make you his bride since you two are one and the same!!! :omfg:
Priceless shot!
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