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Comic: Think things through in future (1/3 or 4)



Hmmm, Google tells me there is actually a fanfic with the same name I gave this.. whoops, well, too late now, they aren't related, but I assume they have the same premise. AW SHIT, Another Google tells me that there's another comic with the same name too! Dammit, I knew that name seemed too generic.. I SHOULDA GOOGLED FIRST. Well, that comic (There may be more, I dunno) is here I guess.

Renamed to avoid confusion, also works better for the rest of the comic, now that I've written it

Well, Now I'd say I'm back, Since this is the first part of a main comic I've made since my prolonged absence. 

Not much to say about this, guess it's the fastest I've ever made a comic part of this length.

Trying out some new shading stuff, pretty much just spamming airbrush like a madman. Lemme know what you think of it. I rather like it, some won't but meh, gotta have fun when you're making these things, If you don't then you lose motivation (Unless you're getting paid for it, but even then)

Some stuff that's kinda important to the plot is pretty small, so if you view this on a mobile device, you're screwed. Unless tablet, might work on tablet. 

Yeah, that's about it, try to find this fluffy fucker
Should be pretty easy.

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Wait RD, don't use that portal that leads to *vworp* into my book collection... I hope Jeffson will go easy on her