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35mm Ultra high resolution film Adox CMS 20 developed in Adotech III   Canon AE-1P 50 mm lens ,, hand held at EI 12
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Very crisp at full resolution.
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This was hand held, EI 12  60th sec f:1.8 with the lowest quality 50mm lens canon made for the AE range of SLRs , I have not fired the shutter for at least 3 years on top of that, I can not scan deep enough with the Epson V700 to see any grain, 35mm is now useful to me once again and am looking for a lens or two :)

Darkroom is out of commission for now doing some modifications and repairs so I am yet to see how they print, when I first viewed the film I though it was very very high contrast, they literally look black and white with nothing in between yet they scan just fine, these shots are really not edited very much at all other than scanner defaults.

It really is amazing film, got some 120 MF and a box of 4x5 on the way as well but do not think there is a lot of benefit in large format other than the camera movements, I think the true strength of this film is with small formats like 35mm.