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New darkroom finally finished and up and running, bit more room to move now :)

Update: First print run done.
I converted the enlarger to LED even after so many " pro printers " said it would not work, I wanted to see why it would not work , I chose a 30 watt warm white LED and found a nifty lens for it and made a holder and heat-sink for it, I diffused the light even more with some Fotospeed diffusion paper I got years ago, well the end result is incredibly good and I have no idea why so many said it would not work, the 30 watt LED is brighter than the 150 watt incandescent enlarger globe I was using so my exposure times are shorter and the contrast is a bit higher as well however all is very usable and the resulting prints are fantastic to look at.
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Image size
3648x2736px 3.66 MB
Shutter Speed
10/300 second
Focal Length
4 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 27, 2016, 2:13:00 PM
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Oh hell, Mark. Your last posted photo was in 2016? I hope you are okay.

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Nice setup I have a Omega DII enlarger.  You have to push and pull it up and down (no crank).  The previous owner had upgraded with a head like yours so I use one condenser and there is a moveable condenser you can reposition or take out depending on lens you are using.  I use LED bulb, 7 watt, 750 lumens, in it.  I have found that it works quite well and does not produce heat like the regular bulb does.  :D
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right stuff.  I painted my walls white to reflect the safelights, but the ceiling was black to stop the enlarging light from straying.

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I used 5 x 1 watt deep red LEDs for the safe light so I can see very well even with the red walls, I have had problems with white walls and to bright safe light, this set up works very well and it is also very safe with Ortho film.
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I left darkroom before red LEDs came out.  As for Ortho film, that was only used when I did copy work, much similar to news and process cameras.  along that subject, have you found any roll film without anti-halation backing.  I'm thinking of shooting portraits or glamour with a glow to it.  I still have an 8 foot stainless sink hanging about my barn with a matching support base cabinet my wife doesn't appreciate.  interesting you chose a D2V Omega, about the strongest and best enlarger you might find.
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I am not to sure what film does have and does not have anti halation layer, some manufacturers do not mention either way, I really like ortho film for a lot of work and Rollei Ortho 25 is a dream to print from IMO. The new Adox CMS20II is a film like no other to say the least.
I love this enlarger and you are right about how tough it is, I also just converted it to LED and it works like a charm.
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I hibernated my D3V, autofocus Omega along with a Leitz 35-2.25 enlarger, not knowing which one to keep.
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Hard call , I am not familiar with either of them enlargers, sometime the decision to part with gear can be a hard one.
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Very nice, Mark! :wow:
Happy New Year! :party:
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Looks good, Mark. Is there a sink? Is there a light safe?
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Yeah I am standing next to the sink ,light safe or safe light ? you can see the safe light hanging from the ceiling, it is made up of 5 x1 watt 670nm deep red LEDs.
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No, a light safe is a light-proof box that holds your paper and keeps it from being exposed while you are working in there on things that take too much time to just leave it out. Even a safe light will fog your paper if you leave it out long enough. Some of my prints took weeks to make. I keep the paper in a light safe when it is not actually under the enlarger.
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Yes I do have a light safe , it is the black plastic bag that the paper comes in :)  My old darkroom that was in the house I had a box I made for using rolls of paper but it has been many years since I got paper in rolls so I did not bother with it when I built this room.

I still have a bit more to do, I need shelving and some cupboard space mainly, seems to never end. 

I did a 30 minute test on my safe light and the LEDs are far better than my old Ilford 902 that's for sure and I can see a lot better as well. After 30 minutes the paper was still not fogged so it is more than safe for how I work , will be testing it today with some Ortho film as well.
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