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with the exception of: mixed media, stock & resources, tutorials, and before & afters.

I'm sick and tired of cleaning out 3D, photography, paintings, etc. THEY DO NOT BELONG HERE.


All categories will no longer be automatically accepted. I will be going through each submission.</u>

Submission Rules

:bulletwhite: Deviation must be categorized as Digital Art>Photomanipulation. AT least two+ stock photos must be used for a work to be considered a photomanipulation.

:bulletwhite: Use only legitimate stock resources. No Google, Flickr, etc. images are allowed.

:bulletwhite: Credit all resources with a link directly to the stock used.

:bulletwhite: Must follow all rules and policies set forth by deviantART.

:bulletwhite: Member submissions are NOT accepted in the Featured folder.

:bulletwhite: Gallery submissions are limited to 2 per week.

:bulletwhite:Submissions are auto accepted so please be HONEST about your level work and that you followed all the rules. I will go in once a week and Move/Remove any works that I feel do not fit into the correct folder. If I see the same person continusously submit pieces that do not belong, or break the rules, I WILL remove that person from the group. SO BE HONEST!.  

The Gallery Folders

:bulletgreen: Abstract
:bulletgreen: Animals & Plants
:bulletgreen: Conceptual
:bulletgreen: Dark
:bulletgreen: Emotional
:bulletgreen: Fantasy
:bulletgreen: Landscapes & Scenery
:bulletgreen: Macabre & Horror
:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi
:bulletgreen: Surreal
:bulletgreen: Mixed Media: MUST BE 30-40% OR MORE PAINTED AND/OR USES 3D RENDERINGS


Any submission to a current contest will need to be submitted here. The subfolder "Completed Contests" is only for completed contests and will not be open to new submissions.


This folder is for tutorials and educational articles relevant to photomanipulation.   

Stock and Resources

This is where members will be able to submit any stock, textures, brushes, gradient packs, actions, etc. There is no limit to the submissions to this folder.

Before & After

Side by side of the stock and the final product.


If you have any spare points, or would like to donate points toward our group for contest prizes or to keep us a super group you can go to my page nikkidoodlesx3 and use the donation pool box. I use all donated points towards this group only unless its for a commission

Any questions feel free to note the group!

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Quick question, as a newbie I am unsure how to link sources correctly. Can anyone point me in the direction of an easy to understand tutorial- preferably written?