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Creating hair in PhotoshopHi everyone! I did this tutorial for the group seniormentors Today I want to show you how I create hair. There are different types of it, can be short, long, with curls, without them, etc, etc. Some examples: On this tutorial I want to show you "my way" to create it step by step.I use a graphic tablet and the software used is Photoshop. PART 1: Straight Hair BASE COLOR A- Put the darkest color first, it will be the base of your hair, don’t worry if you do not do it perfectly, because practically it will almost not be seen. A B C- Create a layer mask on the new color layer and and erase very softly the edges, you will do it in the next layers as well to your taste. C D E F G - Do the same step than "C" as many times as you wish but each time you will need to reduce the brush until step “G”.  Look at the 4 images below and being an observer. G (FINAL RESULT) As you can see i added each color in a different layer and I reduce each timethe brush I used, I use a circular difuse 1, for the thin hair I use 2.  TIP You can chose a lighter color at the end of result and place fine hairs like “G”, also I chose the dark color and I put it some fine strands. You can paint in a new layer in overlay mode,add a clipping mask only on the hair layers I use halftones of the range of brown colors that I used before and I try with this colors: PLAYING WITH COLORS IS ALWAYS REALLY FUN!  PART 2: Wavy Hair As you can see i added each color in a different layer, (in case I make a mistake) and I reducemy brush everytime I use. I chose a soft rounded one and the thin hair a hard rounded one. A - BASE COLOR Put the darkest color first, it will be the base of your hair, don’t worry if you do notdo it perfectly, because practically it won’t be seen that much. A B - Remember, we start with the darkest color and continue with a lighter shade of the colors you chose at the beginning. B C - Added some fine hairs. C D - I have duplicate the fine hairs, one of this layer has a filter  guassian blur,preferable from the behind or as you wish. D E F G  - I have painted more fine hairs with lighter color with a hair brush with this shape:  E F G H - I have painted in a multiply mode, you can low the oppacity if you wish, you will see more depth on the hair that’s is your goal. H Useful brush, you can paint lot of fine hairs. J - Select all hair layers in a group and make a copy of it, you will have 2 groups like the image below. K - Unite both groups to your liking. K L - Create some fine hair with a lighter color L M - In overlay mode pick the color on the image and paint slowly and at this point youcan start to add more details like glitter, more fine hairs, change colors as you can see below: M IP If you want your hair with more depth, you can apply a guassian blur effect in some fine hairs or the base color as well. PLAYING WITH COLORS IS ALWAYS REALLY FUN!  PART 3: Conclusions, advices, common mistakes If you are constant and make practice you'll be able to make a really very beautiful and realistic hair, you just need to be a little patient and want to learn, that's all,  no need magic for it, don't forget. You can do whatever you want, change color, extend it, cut it, change its shape, etc, etc. Look at these examples: Common MistakesI'd like to show you some common mistakes I did in my own deviations. I confess It took me time learn how to do it correctly or at least in a better way. I repeat what I told you at the beginning, this is my way of creating hair, it does not mean that it is perfect. It is a matter of practicing, observing and intent, test and error. Look at these examples below. EXAMPLE 1 When I created this image I'd not graphic tablet, so, my only way was the hair brushes.With hair brushes also can make mistake, like me on this image.I should have changed the size and shape of some of the strands of hair. It shows where the real hair is and where the brushes are, because they are all the same,only the colors change, some areas should also have faded a little and surely with lessquantity of brushes it would have been perhaps more real.I particularly like this manip, I would like to redo her hair, what do you think?In the zoomed image her hair looks sloppy and the hair shadow is missing. EXAMPLE 2 Look at the roots of her hair, in the highlights, they should be fadedso they don't look so rude and sloppy. It looks really bad. At that time a friend,from deviantart here, had lent me her tablet to be able to paint, it was something new for me,I remember that when I made it I was very proud, but honestly, it was badly done. EXAMPLE 3 I think this is the worst of the tree examples, here i haven't a graphic tabletand I use brushes, just look at the image in zoon, it's really a mess.Here I just have no words haha. I should have used a brush that goes in the samedirection as the hair, I should have faded the edges. I can't believe I did that  The good thing about seeing what I did years ago is that I see how much I've progressedand that makes me happy because I can keep improving.I have never come across a tutorial that teaches me 100% how to create hair,it has been a long way of observing, testing and making mistakes. I am quite self-taughtand that has helped me a lot.  BONUS: HOW TO CREATE HAIR VIDEO I want to thank to my awesome friend DaJiF for putting her english voice on my video tutorial :iconaawplz:

I hope you find it useful this tutorial, if you have any doubts write me here on the comments or send me a note....
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This is a photo-manipulation group. All levels of photo-manipulation artists from beginners to professionals are welcome.

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Update 6/1: The group has officially been launched! Our groups is called Stockporium! Please visit this journal for more information.
UPDATE 5/ 30 The Group name and group policies have been finalized! Will be creating a group logo today, and will potentially have the group up and running this weekend!
UPDATE 5/27: We are currently creating the group polices and deciding a group name. I will keep you all updated on the status!
UPDATE 5/26: There has been quite a lot of interest in getting a group up and running with several individuals and stock providers on board! This is wonderful!
If you are interested in becoming and admin of the group once it is up and running please feel free to reach out.
Hi everyone,
As you have probably noticed that with the new eclipse, it is impossible to filter search results to specific categories. This has made searching for stock images so much more difficult to do. I came up with a relatively simple solution to this problem. Launch the largest collaborative stock group on Deviantart.
How it would work: We would have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable admins who are already part of the photo-manipulation community, whether they are artists, stock providers, or both, reviewing all submissions and membership applications. It would be a team effort to ensure that every stock image and stock provider in the group are 100% legitimate.
The Mission: To establish the largest collaborative and exclusive stock group in Deviantart with 100% legitimate stock images. We would reach out to carefully vetted stock providers, and inquire about their interest in joining the group, and being able to submit new stocks directly to the group for review.
I have a few other ideas, such as hosting stock use challenges, featuring stock artists & stock images in a weekly or monthly feature.
If you are interested in being a part of this, please reach out to me.
Thank you!
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This is a photo-manipulation group only. What does that mean? It means that images are manipulated, edited, and combined together to create a new image. It is not a digital painting or drawing group. You may incorporate digital drawing and painting into your work, but it must include images whether they are your own resources or stock. This means that any work that does not involve the editing/manipulation of images will not be accepted.

This group is run by myself and I am on daily to review submissions. If you are interested in being a group administrator please contact me via note at:… or send a note directly to this group.

Please see our group rules here:
PhotoManipulation101 Policies

Regarding Group Membership

Dot Bullet (Dark Purple) - F2U!  This is a photo-manipulation group only. What does that mean? It means that stock images are manipulated, edited, and combined together to create a new image. It is not a digital painting, graphic design, or photography group. You may incorporate digital drawing and painting into your work but it must include images, whether they are your own resources or stock images. Any work that does not involve the editing/manipulation of stock images will not be accepted. 

Dot Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! Each Join request is reviewed before acceptance. I go to your page and look at your artwork. If your art pieces for any reason do not comply with the group policies your join request wi



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