First off, let me apologize for all of those who's submissions have been sitting idle for weeks, or have expired.  We have simply been getting overwhelmed by the number of submissions, and many of our admins have been away.

For this reason, we are still looking for more contributors to assist with the submissions cue, but we need people who are dedicated, and have the time to do it.

To help explain why we get backed up fairly quickly, here's a rough rundown of what goes on in the background:

1. Submission is submitted to the group.
2. First admin to see the submission checks it to verify no copyrighted material is used, and that all stock links are listed, follow the rules, and are unbroken.  This is in addition to reviewing the art itself to ensure the quality level is met.
3. First admin accepts the submission (2 votes needed).
4. Second admin to see submission can immediately accept submission, thus adding it to the group, because the first admin already checked the deviation.

When people don't follow the rules:

1. First admin denies the submission, in addition to writing a comment that only admins can see as to why they are declining.
2. Second admin to deny the submission will then write to the artist, explaining why their submission has been denied.

To sum it up, it takes time for each submission, and sadly, a lot of people don't follow the rules, which ends up wasting a lot of our time.

We're looking for contributors, but we're looking for ones that are willing to thoroughly check submissions, and ensure they follow the rules.

If you think you've got what it takes, please consider applying.  We could really use the extra help!
we have unfortunatley reached the limit of the featured folder so have had to decline all art waiting in the que, however i have opened a new folder 'Featured 2' which is now open to your submissions, so please re-submit any waiting works, thank you very much
thevoiceofheart (Alexsandrea Hunter)

Quite a lot of submissions are getting rejected, and that's a shame. Some of the submissions that get rejected show some of the MOST EXCEPTIONAL talent that we have seen!

We just HATE having to hit the decline button, but rules are rules.


1) NO stock references.
2) Reference links to deviantArt user PROFILES.
3) Reference links to deviantArt 'search' results.
4) Reference links to external stock provider pages that do not feature the resource used.
5) Direct** reference links to images.
7) Broken reference links. (Double check them.)
8) Incorrectly classified artwork (See rules on group home page.)
9) You submitted a composition that is a simple cutout & background replacement.
10) You submitted a photo-edit using basic filters from Photoshop/GIMP/etc.
11) You submitted a scan or digital painting/drawing/sketch.

** Deviations that have 'direct' image links are those that resolve to the RAW image URL, instead of the web page it was found on.

We're not a top level manipulation group. WE'RE EASY! Follow the reference linking rules, give it your best effort, and 99% of what you submit will get accepted.

If you are confused about how to correctly format HTTP links, or have any other questions about group policies or rules, please feel free to message ehoagland66 (me,) and I will do my best to explain it to you.

This blog entry is meant to help people get more of their work accepted. It is in that spirit that it is meant. I would like to see everyone get featured! I like hitting the "Accept" button! Little help? :)

:bulletgreen: Update: Some of these rules are flexible. If there is a problem complying with some of these rules, we will work with you, and occasionally amend the rules.

Hello :star:
       Yet again were looking for some new contributors there is an opening for 2 new administrators (contributors) for those of you who don’t know, these people help in all aspects of the group including decisions on rules and policy's to voting on gallery submissions and :+fav:'s they also have the added perk of being able to submit to or choose other exceptional works for the exceptional photomanipulation folder, however the job does require time to be spent commenting on submission processes and giving helpful feedback, if you feel that you are a high level manipulator, or are just good at giving critique and with time to give then please note me and let me know :star:

Note to all members:

Our rules are clearly stated at the top of the main group page, and they are crystal clear.

Any submissions that do not follow the rules will be automatically declined with no response.  We will also not reply to those same artists if they ask why their submission was declined.  Hopefully a few will look at the main page and take a hint.

We have a lot of submissions, and our admins cannot simply waste their time to explain the rules to members who didn't read them prior to submitting artwork.

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