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Have A Bite by Corvinerium
carmen by thevoiceofheart
Fall's Colors by AbigailDream
Lament by Phatpuppyart-Studios
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Batman: The Dark Knight by Jovan-Porto
Monster killer by 1chick1
Catwoman by Jovan-Porto
MENDOZA by Hellsingstation666
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Is this the real life by Mocarro
Disneys Hunchback of Notre Dame Esmeralda Cosplay by ParadisiacPicture
Moon Fairy by Corvinerium
Ciri by Jovan-Porto
Exceptional Photo-Manipulations
San Sebastian by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Lion's Den by Phatpuppyart-Studios
The Lodge by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Splendor by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Stock and Tutorials
Devil B by Alpanu-stock
(Photomanipulation) For Masterdoge - Abandoned by ObsidianObscure
Jetty On Calm Water - Variations - Stock by MBHenriksen
Infrared Effect Action by MBHenriksen


King Kong in the jungle. by CarlosCreativoficial King Kong in the jungle. :iconcarloscreativoficial:CarlosCreativoficial 1 1 the sad war by CarlosCreativoficial the sad war :iconcarloscreativoficial:CarlosCreativoficial 4 1 De animales a dioses (Sapiens) by CarlosCreativoficial De animales a dioses (Sapiens) :iconcarloscreativoficial:CarlosCreativoficial 9 1 Hero Of Time by CheetahWolf8791 Hero Of Time :iconcheetahwolf8791:CheetahWolf8791 8 1 Royal Tantrum by Odilone Royal Tantrum :iconodilone:Odilone 27 7 My Japanese Garden by Phatpuppyart-Studios My Japanese Garden :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 159 28 Somewhere i Belong (Premade Book Cover) by Johniceman-77 Somewhere i Belong (Premade Book Cover) :iconjohniceman-77:Johniceman-77 10 0 Salem by cristell15 Salem :iconcristell15:cristell15 125 14 Kobe Bryant (Watercolor) by Johniceman-77 Kobe Bryant (Watercolor) :iconjohniceman-77:Johniceman-77 251 12 Winter somewhere in a galaxy far far away by MariaSemelevich Winter somewhere in a galaxy far far away :iconmariasemelevich:MariaSemelevich 120 6 Source Code by MariaSemelevich Source Code :iconmariasemelevich:MariaSemelevich 125 11 angel by nasrzaara angel :iconnasrzaara:nasrzaara 8 1 Fantastic Butterflies and Where to Find Them by MariaSemelevich Fantastic Butterflies and Where to Find Them :iconmariasemelevich:MariaSemelevich 535 71 Joker- Suicide Squad by cristell15 Joker- Suicide Squad :iconcristell15:cristell15 66 8 Midnight Sun by cristell15 Midnight Sun :iconcristell15:cristell15 36 1 BLACK LION: Hate you! by Wol4ica BLACK LION: Hate you! :iconwol4ica:Wol4ica 6 0
Hello all members of photomanipulaton-da I'm incredibly sorry for our negligence over the past 2 years, I was unable to keep up with my role in the group (as founder) and thought I was leaving you in capable hands but I now see that nothing has been done since I left, so I have changed our policy on acceptance into our featured 2 gallery so that you will automatically be able to submit 1 dev a week that will be accepted, thank you for putting up with us and sticking around, enjoy

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:star: Hello... :star:

and welcome to our group, feel free to join and submit, the point is to get more views and appreciation for photo-manipulations :heart:
Here are the rules:

:star:1. Submissions are limited to 1 per day.
:star:2. Submissions with no stock photo references will be declined (please indicate if you used your own stock).If possible please insure that the stock ref is a link to the actual image used and not just a general site or deviant page!
:star:3. Stock photo submissions must clearly be labeled as stock in the description in order to have them placed in the stock folder.
:star:4. If an image is of a poor quality or could be improved it will also be declined, so please only submit your best works :heart:
:star:5. Please submit all works to the Featured 2 folder.
:star:6. Compositions must be classified within or under one of the following:

:bulletblue: Digital Art / Photomanipulation
:bulletblue: Digital Art / Mixed Media†
:bulletblue: Resources & Stock Images
:bulletblue: Customization / Wallpaper / Photo Manipulated

:star: FYI :star:

Only submit photomanipulations that include LEGITIMATE stock images. Taking something from somewhere on the Internet and using it does not make it yours. Unless you can prove that you have had permission to use images found on the Net, we will have to refuse your submission. You must LINK to all stock sources, THE WEB PAGE WHERE THE ACTUAL IMAGE WAS FOUND, or other resource (such as brushes), NOT JUST TO THE dA ACCOUNT OR WEBSITE. If you use your own stock, or have purchased stock that does not require a link back, please state this. FYI, Google and Imageshack are NOT legitimate stock sites. If the stock you have used has been removed, STATE THIS, don't just let us guess, your composition will be declined.

:star: Message From the Founder :star:

I am the Founder of this group, and I do have legitimate reasons for why the rules of the group are as stated (not that I feel the need to justify them , but for clarity's sake I will explain my reasons). You may not know this, but when I first founded the group I only had one rule and that was that the piece had to be a photo-manipulation, other than that there were no stipulations and all submissions were accepted, however immediately I had notes and comments asking why I was allowing the promotion of stolen art! I informed these people that I was not 'policing' the art work/deviations that were submitted and that the group was merely a tool to help deviants spread there photo-manipulation work, however this was not well received and as a manipulator and stock artist who had been stolen from in the past I could clearly see the need for some basic rules, so I simply added the rule that all stock's used must be credited. However I soon found out that when people were using none stock images or copyrighted images they would simply not put a link, so I then added the rule that if your own stock image is being used then you must add that also in description. As the group became more and more popular the contributors were finding it difficult to go through the volume of deviations we were getting submitted and find the image used through the stock provider, so to make it easier for the contributors I asked if members would please link directly to the stock image used (this does not make any difference to the artists but can save my admins hours of work). dA is a site to help promote and share art of all levels, and that's what we try to do here at photomanipulation-da, we also try to encourage original art and our admins go out of their way to help the group members and give positive feedback, we often give tips and tutorials and all we ask in return is that people stick to our few rules, if they do not appeal to any deviants then I would recommend that they don't join a group like ours, however if these small adjustments can mean that a talented artist can get some recognition then please feel free to join and submit! We accept all deviants and will try to help in any way we can.

Thank you Alexsandrea Hunter (aka thevoiceofheart)

:star: SPECIAL NOTE: :star:

A few submissions are getting rejected, and that's a shame. Some of the submissions that get rejected show some of the MOST EXCEPTIONAL talent that we have seen!

We just HATE having to hit the decline button, but rules are rules.


1) NO stock references.
2) Reference links to deviantArt user PROFILES.
3) Reference links to deviantArt 'search' results.
4) Reference links to external stock provider pages that do not feature the resource used, or deviantART user gallery folders.
5) Direct** reference links to images.
7) Broken reference links. (Double check them.)
8) Incorrectly classified artwork (See rules on group home page.)
9) You submitted a composition that is a simple cutout & background replacement.
10) You submitted a photo-edit using basic filters from Photoshop/GIMP/etc.
11) You submitted a scan or digital painting/drawing/sketch.

** Deviations that have 'direct' image links are those that resolve to the RAW image URL, instead of the web page it was found on.

We're not a top level manipulation group. WE'RE EASY! Follow the reference linking rules, give it your best effort, and 99% of what you submit will get accepted.

If you are confused about how to correctly format HTTP links, or have any other questions about group policies or rules, please feel free to message ehoagland66 (me) and I will do my best to explain it to you.

This blog entry is meant to help people get more of their work accepted. It is in that spirit that it is meant. We would like to see everyone get featured! We like hitting the "Accept" button! Little help? :)

† - mixed media compositions must source at least one photographic element.

Thank you, Eric J Hoagland ehoagland66









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