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About the Chat
As the name implies, it's a chat room for photomanipulators and those who want to become photomanipulators, but everyone is welcome! No matter your art form or your skill level. Just be prepared for the conversation to often turn towards manips! We encourage the sharing of WIPs, ideas, resources including stock and tutorials and inspiration in general. We want the chat to be a platform for the photomanipulation community to get to know each other better, beyond the exchange of comments and faves and reading the occasional journal! We want this to be a place where you can relax and share what you know and get help if you get stuck on something. Be it the search for the perfect stock or the quest for the right technique to make your manip take form in Photoshop.

At this point, there's no grand scheme, no plan of what we want to do exactly other than provide a more personal corner on dA. But there are no limits to what this chat can become and if the interest is there, we can have chat events in addition to hanging out. It's up to you :aww:

Chat Rules of Conduct
Everyone is welcome to join the chat as long as you keep to a few rather self-explanatory rules:
:bulletred: no abuse, no harassment, no belittling of anyone artistic capabilities. If you can't find anything normal/decent/positive to say then maybe you should just hold your tongue. That does not mean you can't give critique, but please don't insult anyone in doing so!

:bulletred: no spamming of thumbs just for self-promotion. You're welcome to share your work and your WIPs and art that inspires you, but please keep it reasonable.

:bulletorange: we encourage talk about anything, from school to work and from art to music to tv shows. But if someone comes in and needs photomanip related help, please take a moment to give it to them! It's the main purpose of the chat after all!

:bulletyellow: the admins (and we'll be adding more as the chat grows - if it grows, that's up to you, clearly) reserve the right to be the judge of misbehaviour and they will punish offenders with bans if there is no other method to get through to the deviant - if you find you've been banned unfairly, please send a note to this group. Though be advised that if you should find yourself banned it's probably because you didn't listen to any previous warnings and have earned the spot.

That should be all the rules for now - as I said, nothing that someone with common sense would find themselves in violation of anyway. But just in case, it's good to have something written out.

If you have any questions, suggestions, critique, ideas or whatever else, don't hesitate to tell us in the chat or by leaving a comment on the group! We need your input if the chat is supposed to be here for a while without people losing interest or someone putting in all the work and getting frustrated!

See you in the chat!

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