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Please do not file share these images or place them for download to others.
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Thank you for uploading your amazing photo! 
We used it here
Life and Death by ibbeltje-com
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Thank you for sharing - I need it for a birthday card
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i used here [link] thanks
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Perfect ! I love it !
:heart: Thanks !
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Used here [link] thank you!
AeliaNaqwiDesigns's avatar
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I used your Daisy "Here":[link]
thanks so much for sharing :)
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Used here [link] Thank you :)
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thanks so much, I was looking in all the wrong places just to get a picture of a daisy nicely pre-cut
I don't even know why I need it :o Just kidding, I do, but at the same time I'm still confused as to why this was so hard to find without "istockphoto" plastered on it
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Hey thanks for providing the stock I used it for two variations:

Dryad Watching I
Dryad Watching II

Thanks again!
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I used your stock here [link]
Thank you :heart:
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I used this here [link] Thanks :love:
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Using it as my journal header!
Absolutely pure, light and lovely!!:heart:
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Very pretty! And a .psd? Even better! :D Used here --> [link]
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Hi ~ lovely work! Thanks for your note.
Best wishes to you and yours.
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Hi! I used this picture as a reference here: [link]

Take a look if you want and tell me what you think:)

Thank you very much!
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Opps that was the unfinished one, this is the finished one [link]

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Thanks a lot used it here [link]
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