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Deviation Actions

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Top Game Rules!!

:new: IMPORTANT: If you want your winning deviation to be added to our group gallery you must be a Member! So please be sure to join  the group by pressing the "Join" button on the main photohunt page! Thanks!

1. A game will begin when there are 4 players!
2. There must be 3 entries at the end of the game or there is no winner.
3. Winners must keep there images on DA since it will be added to the photohunt group gallery. ( please make a "photohunt" folder in your gallery)
4. Wait until the end of the game to post your image.
5. Must be only 1 shot and not a collage
6. If you drop out you WILL be penalized. This means you will lose a win. If you have no wins it will just be a negitive.
7.Image needs to be clean!
8. Picture needs to be taken AFTER the topic has been posted
9. Please make sure the  exif data and the clocks on your camera are set correctly!
10. Text is allowed in images only if it is in the form of a watermark.
11. Please be sure to title your photo whatever the topic of the hunt is!

:new: Want to help promote us? Just add the photohunt icon into your photos description! ( :icon photohunt: without the space! )


How to Play the game :)

As a player, your goal is to take a digital photo, do minor photoshopping, (Read: muck around with the brightness/contrast, convert to black and white and add a frame... You get the picture.) You have 20 minutes to take the picture, and upload it, when the judge declares that time is up you must post your photo within 5 minutes, if you fail to do so in the allotted amount of time, you will be disqualified, the judge will then choose a winner


When a judge is ready to judge a game they will let you know by saying Game time press 1 Please do NOT pester the judges and beg for games. Judges are chosen by the founders. They can be based on everything from how often you're in the room, how much you play and just how you act in the room with others. do NOT ask to be a judge.

What do you win?

Winners of regular photohunt rounds will be featured in the photohunt gallery 


In order to be promoted to the level Hunter, you must participate in at least 3 rounds of the game and watch this account.  That means posting an entry for the judge.

To be promoted to Regulars, you must win at least 5 games

To be promoted to Hustlers you must win at least 15 games

To be promoted to Top Dog you must win over 30 games

To be promoted to Lens-Master you must win over 60 games!

Please do not ask to be promoted. If you feel that you are being overlooked, send a note to photohunt and we will try to take care of the problem.

Common Chatroom Rules!

(warnings do not have to be issued, these are your warnings)

:camera: General Rules
Bold Typing - Simply dont use it unless you are judging :)

-----------------------> :caps: by GuyFlash Punch The Netspeaker by Abfc <-----------------
NO Netspeak.

- Flooding - Avoid excessive shouting (use of all-caps)  flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text) or stretching (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)  in #photohunt or on our community. Flooding is defined as any rapid or repetitive posting that interferes with other people's ability to converse.

- Language -  Be considerate on how your language is used. The average cursing is allowed, but please do not do it over excessively or by directing it at anyone. and also English Only

- Spam - 1) Do not post the same thumb repeatedly over a short period of time. It is unfair for the other guests/members in the room. 2) Do not use the multi line input while posting thumbs, post them as stated in the - thumbs rule above. 3) Excessively posting emoticons in one line, or repeatedly post emoticons line after line. "Emote spamming" slows down the room considerably. 4) Do not Advertise your gallery / website or other chat rooms without participating in #photohunt and asking the staff for permission.

- Harassment -  Unsolicited words or conduct which tend to annoy, alarm or abuse another person. Putting down religions, sexual preferences, beliefs, organizations of any sort.

- Links - Do not post links which may contain viruses or any type of pornographic material. (also artistic nudes are not allowed in this game. Sorry.)

- Bots - Bots other than photobotx are not allowed inside #photohunt without permission from the founders of #photohunt. In order to have a image in the bot you must be a Critic or higher.

--Banning-- In an effort to keep the environment within photohunt positive and constructive the administration must take an anti ass stance. If any person is to make an ass of themselves they will be banned for a one week period. A three strikes your out system will be implemented for normal situations unless extra stressing circumstances exist in which case rules may be bent for or against the ass. Just play it safe and be nice people. Then everyone can enjoy the chat without any incidents of displeasure.

               Just wow.  Ok.

(warnings do not have to be issued, these are your warnings)

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it seems funny.
So we just get in the chat room and wait. Or are 
days and specific times to start?