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Nebula . Laptop by OrchidDolls
Once upon a time, there was a little white haired girl. She loves to eat cupcakes and all kind of sweets, but she hates the super salty and spicy food.
But one day, surfing the internet, she found an awesome offer she couldn't resist !

Chines Restaurant dinner with my friend by Yukataonly
"Oh look here, another offer online, the dessert this girl is eating looks really really good!! And it says that they have more variety and cheaper price as well."
"Hmm, online offers really are incredibly cheap - I wonder if I should go there and try for myself."

Wake Up Girls!!! by Awesomealexis1
She didn't wonder for too long, the thought of plenty and varied sweets was too good to resist. On her way to the cafe she walked past a building - it was fairly plain from the outside - but the music coming from within was so catchy! She was curious to know what could be going on inside, so without a second thought she opened the door. She was amazed by the stunning lights and colours, and then she was surprised when someone joyfully leapt across the stage!!

CARNIVAL by Wndrenvy
She guessed that the beautiful girl standing on the stage was the emcee of the event for that particular night, and she was quite curious on what event was happening around her. And suddenly the emcee said : "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have stars in the sky, and on stage. We are favored to welcome some the brightest the world has seen, in this famous bachelorette party of 2015!" She was stunned and thought she should get out of that place as soon as possible - not wanting to get involved - but unfortunately, the doors were already locked.

Shinobu by Adelram
"Locked? This is not happening!" crossed the girl's mind until she suddenly heard some voices behind the locked door. One of them sounded little familiar - "Wait, is this..." then the door opened wide and another girl with blonde hair walked in with happy smile on her face. The girl was pleasantly surprised to recognize her good friend is the newcomer and what surprised her even more was the basket that this girl was carrying.

The girl smiled at her friend as she greeted her and felt a little more at ease to see a familiar face in the midst of a confusing situation. "What brings you here and what's up with the basket?" she inquired from her friend. "Oh, this? There's a baking contest next door and they gave out the leftovers, so we should eat them together~ ♥" The girl accepted her friend's suggestion, but first they would have to figure out how to leave this place.

Peeking by Yami-Usagi
As a conga line formed, the two friends held hands and agreed to dash for the exit, but in the midst of the conga line, the two were separated with the white haired girl at one end of the room and her friend at the other. Wanting only to eat sweets with her friend, the girl ran behind a curtain and hoped it would lead her outside, but instead she found herself in a room which was empty except for a single pot. The girl turned to leave the room when suddenly a creature popped out of the pot!

Picnic? by Pikkochan
"Hey wait! You wouldn't leave a poor defenseless kitty like me to get eaten alive would you?" said the newly identified creature. "If you help me out of here I will show you the way out too! come on, pleeeeease?" the girl couldn't leave him there being the kind-hearted person she is, and if he could help her in return, she would finally be able to eat those yummy sweets~!! So she pulled him out of the pot and as they turned to run out, a dark shadowy figure loomed over them!!

The True Nature of Kittens by Martim
The shadowy figure turned out to be a really scary monster, and as our white haired heroine screamed, the cat ran right to the monsters arm! "Since you have freed me, we now have a pact human, and i will show you the way out, but you must do EXACTLY as i say, or else my ugly friend will eat you!" Said the cat while patting the head of the monster, and as he glared to the poor white haired girl, he gave his first order...

sugar sweet nightmare by stereometric
"The truth is, I'm not really a cat and my friend here isn't really a monster... we were placed under a curse years ago" said the cat as he jumped down and moved closer to the heroine. "Now that you're here we can finally send someone to retrieve the three remaining items to reverse its effects!" proclaimed the cat. "S-s-so w-what are the items...?" the heroine croaked as she stared down at his fangs.

Fairy in Waterfall by HunterX-v2
Suddenly before the items were revealed, from absolute NOWHERE, a very beautiful fairy came and hugged the monster, transforming him into a cute little pig. And with a beautiful voice, the fairy said "You have no need for items, I'm here to save you from problems. Make a wish and I will grant it, but speak clearly, or I will not be able to understand you very well, my dear girl."

Pride by Grishnakh666
“I just wish to get out of here," she said. The beautiful fairy was about to grant her wish when, suddenly, the lights turned off. They all started screaming and while in panic, and an immense fire appeared. In the middle of it a very threatening shape came out, and with a vicious voice said: “Nobody will go anywhere, and no wish will be granted to anyone!!”

Honnouji academy school idol project by frasbob
"Meanwhile, outside the mysterious room, the blonde haired girl searched frantically for her friend who seemed to have vanished in the crowd. All the while things on the stage got more and more strange, when suddenly a long haired girl with a booming voice made an announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce our next act!". In that instant, a spotlight beamed down from the ceiling on to the blonde haired girl, and the whole crowd began to applaud."

Supremacy by Bellechan
The applauds from the crowd were unceasing. The blonde haired girl lowered her head and gave a malefic smile, "huhuhuhu.." and then she revealed her true form - an Angel of Death with beautiful and enormous wings. She said: "If a spectacle is what they want, a spectacle I'll give to them!" while her voice can be heard loud and clear. "All of you will not leave this place alive if do not complete my challenge!!"

Insane by HunterX-v2
An impossible challenge was given and the crowd... failed as expected. With a manic laugh she started to drain all souls that were present in there. One by one, people had succumbed and the Dark Angel grown stronger. And just when she thought everyone has fallen, she seen someone standing - a girl in black, holding a sword - that girl looked at the angel and said: "I finally found you, it's time for my revenge!!"

Welcome to the fight by Awesomealexis1
The dark angel made eye contact with this girl & instantly knew she was no ordinary girl - she was a samurai. The dark angel didn't hesitate and began to launch her attack, the samurai girl smirked and charged toward the angel, evading all of her attacks with ease. The samurai girl then wielded her sword spectacularly and landed a devastating blow on the dark angel.

Honoka's Bizarre Adventure by frasbob
The dark angel lay still for a few moments, only to stand back up, shedding her dark wings in the process. "Not bad" she uttered to the samurai, looking at her menacingly "You show a great amount of skill, but no amount of skill will be able to defeat me!" In that instant, the dark angel called upon her 「STAND」 "huhuhu, you have fought well, but this is where you meet your end!!!"

Daisy by Grishnakh666
The fight became more and more violent. The two fighters did not realize that in the meanwhile the threatening figure that wanted to rule and possess them all, appeared again.  In the confusion, the white haired girl was helped by the fairy to escape.

Mirror Mirror... by Pikkochan
The white-haired girl let out a sigh of relief as she was finally free from that chaotic place and suddenly, she noticed her reflection in a nearby mirror and let out a scream! "What happened to my hair?!!!" she screamed when she saw that her hair changed from white to black. "I was in a hurry to help you escape, so my magic must have messed up.. sorry about that, haha!" - the fairy laughed. The black-haired girl didn't have time to deal with this silly situation, she realized the cafe she was trying to visit in the first place was about to close!

Kuroyukihime -wallpaper- by Bellechan
The now black-haired girl was heading to the cafe when she realized... "How can I be so selfish! All that people died and I'm worried with candies? I'm scared but I have to do something!" The Fairy Lady is watching her and thinking by herself: "It's better you start to run if you want help anyone, little girl... I don't know what bad will happen to you when your hair get back to normal, huhuhu."

Crumpled by Yami-Usagi
But instead of rising to her new great task, the girl crumpled to the ground with her newly blackened hair fluttering around her. "I only wanted to eat sweets! she cried, I'm not strong enough either...I wish none of this had ever happened." As if on cue, her black hair begin to shimmer.

Iron Cutie by Martim
"You must remember who you really are, you must go and find the beautiful samurai girl whose objective is to defeat demons, DO NOT GIVE UP NOW!." Said a mysterious voice inside our heroine head, as she started to remember the truth about everything that was happening. With the black color shining in her head again and power overflowing a bright suit that appeared on her body, she finally remembered who she truly was: the IRON CUTIE!"

Dizzy . Light by OrchidDolls
Suddenly, her tummy started to rumble and she couldn't stop thinking of all those tasty sweets. She  thought that the battle could wait a bit more and that she had time for a break. At that moment, when she was walking down the street, some kind of angel appeared as a light beam, stopped her and said: “Little black haired girl, your mission is about to start, but only you decide to follow the good or the bad way - your choice!”

Tenshi by stereometric
The black-haired girl hesitated before giving her answer "G-good..." And suddenly with a puff of smoke the angel went from being black and white to a pure white girl with feathery wings. "You have chosen well" the angel said. "Now I will assist you on one condition..."

Manami by Wndrenvy
"Since the demon is actually a male.. There is only one thing that works on him - my one condition for you lady, is, could you please do me a favor to put on some make up for me? I believe my cuteness will be enough to win him over!!" Needless to say, the heroine has her jaw dropped. "Huh? What?? Just a make up to save everybody??! Is it really okay? Are you sure??!"

















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Welcome to Photogurine Circle Project!

:groups: About us
We are a group of people who have similar passion and interest towards Japanese figure/doll photography. We strive to improve our quality of photographs as much as we can, and at the same time, we are trying to make this project successful, which is creating an active, long-lasting circle.

We are not looking for thousands of members, but a few people who matters. Our group was made purely to improve each other skills and hopefully, to bring us closer by knowing each other better.

:dalogo: Membership
As we started small, we are not accepting every member who applies. However, if you are really keen to join our circle, kindly send us a note, and pray that we are decided to accept you. Be wary that you should at least show some interest in figure/doll photography in your page, as well as decent skill in photography. We might send you an invitation directly if we think we need you in our group! So be prepared!

:dalogo: Submission
:bulletgreen: Only submit the better quality ones
:bulletgreen: You should be a member to submit any art piece
:bulletgreen: You are proud of that image that you are submitting
:bulletyellow: Remember not to submit your entire gallery
:bulletyellow: Every submission will be reviewed before accepted
:bulletyellow: Be mature if your piece is rejected
:bulletred: Strictly no stealing of art
:bulletred: There is no need to spam your submission
:bulletred: NO bootlegs / fakes

:star: The submission folder is separated by submission date. There is no separation between scaled, nendoroids, figmas, dolls, etc.

:star: The outstanding ones will be automatically added to the featured folder, whoever did it. There is no advantages given for admins, co-founders, and so on in this matter.

:star: Do not shy to send us a note, if you are really interested in joining us.

Together we can achieve our goals.

Thank you very much for any kind of support towards this group, let it be a pageview, watch, or simply any supportive comments on our works. We strive to improve our works!









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