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Rules and Guidelines

:bulletblue: Please submit your deviations to the correct folder.
:bulletblue: No Full Nudity. Partially Covered/Expressive is okay.
:bulletblue: Each Folder has a limit of 10 submissions a day.
:bulletblue: Be kind and courteous to your fellow artists! :hug:

Gallery Folders

Autumn Mountains II by RealityIntolerant
Litchfield Lane by RealityIntolerant
Mansion on the Hills by RealityIntolerant
Gettysburg Landscape II by RealityIntolerant
Abstract and Surreal
The Materialism delusion by Dystopia-Maxima
Window Shopping in Geneva by organicvision
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Sunset in Bali by FEB43
Animals, Plants and Nature 2
Animals, Plants and Nature FULL
Darkly framed... by thewolfcreek
Darklands... by thewolfcreek
Graceful... by thewolfcreek
Danger... by thewolfcreek
Haunted Gothic by Ae2-Multimedia
Edge of the Day by Arkayem
Sunset in Bratislava by JannKllinec
Red Stone Castle by JannKllinec
Commercial Photography
Donau and sunset by JannKllinec
Spring green by JannKllinec
dusty air of those evenings by madre-superiora
I saw a ghost in my dream... by madre-superiora
gentleness is the greatest strength in this world by mitfoch
meeting of kindred spirits by mitfoch
Brightcolpic 607 by Brightcol
Fading postcard from a happy era by Dystopia-Maxima
Horror and Macabre
Dying world subsiding into hell fire by Dystopia-Maxima
Haunted by Morphine-Cloud
Haunted by Morphine-Cloud
Haunted by Morphine-Cloud
Bright-eyed floweret of the brook... by cricketumpire
Treasure by Morphine-Cloud
Treasure by Morphine-Cloud
Treasure by Morphine-Cloud
People and Portraits
Cyclops and Phoenix - X-MEN - Slim and Red III by DashingTonyDrake
TLOU2: Abby and Ellie by MeganeCosplays
The Peacemaker - Size Matters! V by DashingTonyDrake
Future Foundation Spider-Man - The New Suit III by DashingTonyDrake
Child. img678, with story by harrietsfriend
Still Life
Light by Morphine-Cloud
Street Life
Manhattan Night VI by Ae2-Multimedia
The Gotham Local by Arkayem
Urban and Rural
Safe haven... by cricketumpire
dear Valeria... by madre-superiora
The Holiday Season
A ghostly sun by baroquedoll
Hey. We are currently looking for contributors for our group :iconwe-want-your-art:
Please visit our group and send admin a note if you are interested in joining!  Thanks  :)
At my group, WeWantYourArt, we are sorely lacking in Amateur to professional photographers.  On a daily basis, I would say that only 10 to 15 % of submissions are Photography. I wish I could see more. If you have any interest in joining, head on over. Automatic approval for joining the group!

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We are a group dedicated to accepting every level of Photography - from beginners to professionals. We accept all categories of Photography. Please feel free to submit and showcase your work for all to see. This group is a home for your creations. All photos are accepted provided they fall under the loose guidelines of our group.
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