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:pointr:ABOUT US:

#Photography-Inc is a group focused only in Photography.
We accept ALL photography categories, as long as it's placed under "Photography" category.
We do not accept photographic work with extended edition, placed under "Digital Art" category.
We also do not accept photographic work placed under "deviantID" category.
This Group no longer accepts Beginner Photography. We are aiming for the best quality, creativity and technique.
The Group Staff reserves the right to deny art that we don't think suitable for the Group's thematics, either for the theme itself, and/or for the lack of quality and technique.


Who are the Founders & Co-Founders and what's their job here?
:lightbulb: the Founder is the person who founded the group and basically he/she can do anything and have full control of everything around the Group. Co-Founders are designated by the Founder to be in control as well, helping with everything and still able to manage the settings, when necessary.
Co-Founders can change and their position is also chose regarding their great work on this Group.

Who are the Contributors and what's their job here?
:lightbulb: Contributors are invited by the Founder and/or Co-Founders. They are chosen according to their skills and areas of expertize. Their job is to accept or decline suggested submissions & favorites,(always applying the Group's guidelines for Photography thematic). Contributors, only if extremely necessary, can as well give members the necessary feedback and help. Last but not least, our Contributors help running the Group.

Can I be a Contributor?
:lightbulb: Do not suggest yourself. Everytime we feel the need to recruit new Contributors, a new Journal entry will be posted, in order to choose new Contributors


Who are the members and what's their job around here?
:lightbulb: Members are free to join or they can be invited by someone from the Admin pannel. A member can suggest his own work (or the work of others) to be exposed in the Group, as long as it abides by the Group's thematics and rules. This exposure gives extra feedback to the member's gallery, allowing more publicity to his gallery & work. A member can also suggest favorites for the Group, following the same guidelines used for the gallery submissions.

Can I become a member?
:lightbulb: Yes, we have membership applications open. You just need to click on the "Join Our Group" button (page top).
Be sure you follow the Group's guidelines: you can only submit images placed under Photography category. In case you use resources such as textures (external or personal) they have to be credited in your image description.

My image submission was declined. Why?
:lightbulb: One of these reasons:
• the image you suggested for submission is not under Photography category;
• your suggestion for submission or doesn't properly credit stockers or is violating dA policy
• your suggestion for submission lacks quality and/or technique. We do not like snapshots, bad focus, extreme edition nor poor ideas. We like creativity and at the same time, good and interesting angles, properly focused photos and quality photos, that catches the eye.
• the image you suggested for submission or is offensive and it can generate uncomfortable feelings among several members and non/members.
• Do not ask why your submission got declined. If it was declined, it was definitely because one of these reasons.
• Please send us only your best photographic work. Be demanding with yourselves!

Is there some limit of images I can contribute/suggest?
:lightbulb: Please limit your Gallery Suggestions to 1 per MONTH in general so, choose wisely from your gallery; Favorite Suggestions limit is also 1 per Month! Please realize that this Group has more than 15 000 members and Contributors cannot deal with bigger amount of submissions.

I'm waiting for over than 24/48 hours for my work to be approved or declined. What's happening?
:lightbulb: Despite we're trying to gather a reasonable amount of Staff, we can't be around 24/7 and we have lots of images to analyze. Please be patient and soon you'll now if your image has been approved or declined by our Staff.

Gallery Folders

Patience - Moraine Lake by LukeAustin
Serendipity by stratopharius
Bus Shelter by DCPhotographics
Frontside Air by wtfisthatkid
Featured II
Beautiful Girl Portrait Photo by Photoholicstyle
Lagoon Sunset by 1Eres
Luna by Deliquesce-Flux
Black Widow by tager01
People and Portraits II
Bad Girl by schia025
Warrior by ToddParis
Ghosts in the Wallpaper by PoisonAffairs
Rozenn by PsycheOphiuchus
Macro and Closeup
Golden Dust by Catlaxy
Spira Mirabilis by Catlaxy
The dark Rain by RebelAquarius
Raspberry Croissants by Catlaxy
FULL - Scapes and Nature
Every Morning of the World by OlivierAccart
Autumn in Wisconsin by ORockGirl
Half And Half by CanonAdventures
Autumn 5 by DeKatsche
Scapes and Nature II
Stormy waves by Saltybluewaves
Crowd by wroto
Lofoten Sunset by DominikaAniola
riverrun by MK-NI
Peek-a-boo by sambudd
Down the Hatch by ryangallagherart
Sunny Eddy by IllusoryCalm
Middle Spotted Woodpecker by DominikaAniola
Cities and Architecture
Cherry Blossom by rimah93
Ancient city  by mysterysta
People always tell me this is part of the plan. by heart-WORM
Sydney Sunrise by TarJakArt
Snow Villiers - FFXIII - The Promise II by DashingTonyDrake
Elsa yukata cosplay by Nebulaluben
Kunzite and Zoisite. Sailor Moon cosplay by Vaishravana
Madoka Kaname cosplay by YuliyaMori
Abstract and Surreal
Drying impending brooms by NormaCastaDiva
The 24th of April 2021 by ZielinskiMaciej
L a s t S e a s o n by agevla77
catch me if you can by augenweide
A special drink. by AlejandroCastillo
Flash Photoshop Action by hemalaya





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