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Welcome & Rules

:tighthug:Welcome everyone!:tighthug:

Photography-eARTh is a group for everybody who like or love taking photos. :D Every type of photography are welcomed here but only in the right folders:

:bulletpurple: Feature: In the featured folder we won't allow pictures. To this folder only the Founder and the Co-Founders will put pictures that they choose.

:bulletpurple: Nature, landskapes, skies: Refers to a wide range of Photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures (As nature has such a broad scope there are seperate folders for plants and animals but we'll accept some if submitted here.)

:bulletpurple: Macro: In the macro folder we will only allow macro photos or exstreme close-up photography. Doesn't matter if it's food, nature or objects, just make sure it is macro.

:bulletpurple: Flowers, plants: Pretty self explanitory. Specifically flowers and plants only.

:bulletpurple: People, portraits: The people, portraits folder is for portrait photography and other photos involving people.

:bulletpurple: Bugs, animals: This folder speaks for itself really, any living creatures wild, domestic, finned, winged and furry. Crawlies, spiders and flies are all welcome here.

:bulletpurple: Conceptual: As a methodology conceptual photography is a type of photography that is staged to represent an idea. The 'concept' is both preconceived and, if successful, understandable in the completed image.

:bulletpurple: Miscellaneous: In the miscellaneous folder you can submit the art you that do not fit into another folder, it's for those who love to take random photos.

:bulletpurple: Abstract, surreal: In abstract, surreal folder we accept actual that things are pretty realistically, but they don't make sense together or that scene wouldn't happen in real life or even though it conveys emotions or sometimes resembles things and makes you feel a certain way.

:bulletpurple: Urban, rural, street: In a nutshell, urban photography is more than just street photography, it is everything that is urban: cityscapes, subjects, objects and all that is in between. So we accept these pics.

:bulletpurple: Other photographs: This can be anything that just cant or isn't otherwise catagorised.

:bulletpurple: Artistical nude: Where the nude figure becomes part of the overall image, where the focus isn't that the model is nude and he/she becomes a piece of the scene. Its not sexualized or arousing in a typical manner as glamour might be. (Please do not feel offended if we decline your image.)

:bulletpurple: Other - Not photos: In this folder you can submit everything that isn't photo. Digital art, traditional art, literature, contests. So anything.

:bulletpurple: Sunsets, sunrises: Photos that are specifically a sunset, or a sunrise.

:bulletpurple: Waterscapes: The waterscape folder is for photography related to water. The rule for this folder is to have some sort of water in the photo, a river or a lake.

:bulletpurple: Vehicle: In the vehicle folder we accept pictures where a car or any other vehicle is the main subject.

:bulletpurple: Still life In this folder welcomed: BJD, little, nice objects, food, vases and smaller mirrors, clothes.

Here are the descriptions of the folders, so now you have to know where your pictures have to submit. :meow:

And of course we have some simple rules here:

:bulletblue: You have to be a member to submit pictures!!!
:bulletblue: Submit to the right folder!
:bulletblue: 3 pictures per day.
:bulletblue: If you have question, ask the Founder or the Co-Founders.

~ Founder:

~ Co-Founders/Dears:

~ Contributors/Helpers:

:bulletblue: Anybody can join!
:bulletblue: Periodically we'll do features and maybe contests too.
:bulletblue: If you have a negative critique, tell it on an intelligent way!

Be nice with the others and submit your best! :handshake: :D


Monthly Point Feature

Shout Stamp-group donate by sparkling-dreamz Shout Stamp-Please Donate by sparkling-dreamz
I won't stop the features of those nice people, who donate to our group to growing! :D Even 1 point will help us! So if you donate :points: you'll get feature on this way:

:bulletred: If you donate 1 :points: you'll get 1 featured picture, if you donate 2 :points: you'll get 2 featured deviation and so on...! :D
:bulletred: If you donate more than 10 :points: you get only 10 features...(sorry:()
:bulletred: But!, if you donate more than 10:points: you can choose the deviations which you want in the journals! (Optionally thing. If you don't want choose I'll look through your gallery! :D)
:bulletred: Please, when you donate, write there something, which tells me you donate because of the group! (IMPORTANT!)



:iconenterthespectrum: EntertheSpectrum All Art is Welcome!! :iconsharemyphotography: sharemyphotography :icondialed-in: Dialed-In Quality :icondreamersden: dreamersden Are you a dreamer? :iconeveryphotos: EveryPhotos
Hello dear members and visitors! :heart:

You may have noticed the group admin has recently changed. My name is Silvia (Ninelyn) and I am an hobbyst photographer. :)
If you have questions just send me a note! ^_^
Sorry for my bad english!

There will be a few changes in the group, nothing too important, but I want to let you know anyway! :)
:bulletyellow: 'Best of the Week' features will be replaced by 'Spotlight' features.
:bulletyellow: If your work is declined you can ask why. The motivation could be - wrong folder submission - or - low quality of the work -. You can ask for in-depth explanations :)
:bulletyellow: If you want to donate for the group, you can donate to me explaining the motivation of your donation (for example group contests or supergroup status)

Reminder: I will reopen the 'new icon contest', because we had too few submissions. I will make a journal as soon as possible, explaining everything.

Bye! :heart:


Here is a selection of the best submissions of the past weeks!

:heart: Ninelyn

... by BaxiaArt
Look Over There by ABilro
U.M.R! by Wasabi78
152. subtlety II by littleconfusion
Hug :) by Hestefotograf
Summer is Fading by Hestefotograf
Krabat I by BlackPepperPhotos
O P H E L I A by GrzybowskaArt
wild place by MartinAmm
The other side by matthieu-parmentier
Mountains by miirex
Erkanmatik 2015 06 by ErkanKalenderli
08 by tikitaki
Reflect by relhom
Last roses by NRichey
Flower by yavuzselimturan
Heather by RadoslawSass
It's a kind of magic by VeraOzerskaya
WDC_58 by relhom
Floral Chameleon by FauxHead
Simple Things by John-Peter
Sun's Bride by Lorelyne
Dina by Zhivago86
portrait by yavuzselimturan
Waiting until you come back I by Sayuriiii

sound of silence by monikha
Snail life by thedaydreaminggirl
Selfportrait.00 by L1ly-R0s3
a b o u t l o v e by silvia-giuli
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