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We apologise for all the expired deviations. The admins of this group has currently been inactive (including me)
And sorry , the group will be inactive until some of the contributors and founders get some more time on their hands.
There will be a journal when the group is back on track.

Again, sorry for the late message, and I hope this answers some of your questions about why your deviations were allowed to expire

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Welcome Note and Rules

Come one, Come all!! This group is for anybody who loves Animal photography in any form :lol:

Since now this group is getting a lot more members we have decided to put a global deviation limit of 2 submissions per week.
When you submit our quality standard should be respected as well.
You should probably expect the quality control to be somewhat above average. So try and submit your best :)

Your photo ought to be:
- Not blurry (motion blur, or camera shakes)
- Proper focus (and of course the focus should be on the main motive of the photo ;)) Also we're a group who's really big on the eyes, so that's often were your focus should be :)
- Low noise (We rarely accept photos with high ISO noise or those that are grainy)
- Somewhat sharp
- We'd like it to have some kind of artistic value as well (you can write a short explanation in the description about your thought of the photo. A well thought photo, is often a lot more interesting than a random snapshot)
- Also, If you have the Deviant Art watermark you will most likely get declined depending on how distracting it is in the photo.
- Make sure you submit your deviations into the correct category or they will be declined.
- Deviations with selective coloring are usually declined as well.
- No humans in the photos EDIT: we have changed this rule to allow minor human parts as for example hands, though it's to be said that the animal is of course to be in focus. If you've had your deviation declined because of humans in them, feel free to resubmit.
- Only living animals in the pictures and not statues, toys, teddy bears ect.
- We're going to be strict with the pet animal pictures, since we get a lot of those. So there we are looking for some really interesting photos in those folders ;)

But if in doubt, don't leave it out! :D
Remember you can always ask for a reason/critique on why it was declined in the submission log, but really, please do it in the comments in the submission log. Reason requests on the front page or through notes will be hidden and ignored.
Other than that, keep trying and keep improving! :lol:

If you have an idea for a new folder that you would like to see in our gallery, just note us, and we will consider (and most likely add it ;))

If anyone has a contest or anything you'd like us to feature just send us a note and we will see to it :)


I'm looking you...II by princi83 I'm looking you...II :iconprinci83:princi83 123 23 Jasmine by Alannah-Hawker Jasmine :iconalannah-hawker:Alannah-Hawker 152 64 Clown Fish by TVD-Photography Clown Fish :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 399 67 Summer memmories by feanutri Summer memmories :iconfeanutri:feanutri 758 46 Caracal ZONE by woxys Caracal ZONE :iconwoxys:woxys 2,228 133 contempt by fuckingcoyote2479 contempt :iconfuckingcoyote2479:fuckingcoyote2479 47 11 stay here with me by LyraWhite stay here with me :iconlyrawhite:LyraWhite 730 43 Suspicion by JonShotFirst Suspicion :iconjonshotfirst:JonShotFirst 127 17 Pretty Grey Kitty by paintmewet Pretty Grey Kitty :iconpaintmewet:paintmewet 123 3 Caught It by Sagittor Caught It :iconsagittor:Sagittor 172 50 Lazy day by Svenimal Lazy day :iconsvenimal:Svenimal 514 68 Nuthatch (011) - Nuthatch and Ivy by Sikaris Nuthatch (011) - Nuthatch and Ivy :iconsikaris:Sikaris 106 19 Ruffled by SnowPoring Ruffled :iconsnowporing:SnowPoring 448 28 Big Yawn by MorkelErasmus Big Yawn :iconmorkelerasmus:MorkelErasmus 343 38 Green Day by erezmarom Green Day :iconerezmarom:erezmarom 153 11 Redrum by Gecko-Girl Redrum :icongecko-girl:Gecko-Girl 168 27

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Orphydian Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Our brand-new group has a certain affinity with your group scope. Ofc there is a lot of filtering and selection going on like there should be on any group. We kindly ask to affiliate with you.

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bye, group seems to be dead...
fanfictionaxis Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Is this group seriously dead? I had a submission expire as of 22 hours ago. Is there any admins here or should I just consider this group to be dead and go find another group to be a part of as in more active?
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I'm guessing this group is dead?
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Dead group?
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If anyone is interested in an active group then look at :iconphotographrevolution: 
cheslah Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Professional Photographer
Submissions expired.
Wyld-Art-Photography Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
You can join us here at Wyld Art [link] until things get back up and running here
Tinna-92 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
My deviation expired... Why? Is the group still active or not?
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