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Hi all,

It has definitely been a while, but I'm back and I have decided that we need another admin to help run this group when I take small leaves of absence. Here's what we're looking for:

Somebody passionate about photography with an eye for detail.
Must be active on deviantART at least 3 times in order to accept submissions to the group, write blog entries, host fun events, etc.
Be friendly and approachable.
Have ideas for contests, chat nights, etc. (Anything to make the group awesome)

Please send the group a note with why you think you should be a group admin along with what you think are your top 3 deviations.

I really want to make this group be active again, and bring it back to where it was back when my best friend (who is no longer on dA) and I started the group about 6 years ago.


Your founder
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Point Donations

If you like this group, please donate! Any amount will help! Points will be used for prizes and to keep the group a super-group.

Not only will the points you give help the group, but they will help you! Here is what you get if you donate:

:bulletred: 20 - 49 points - crazyal154 will look through your entire gallery and fave the pieces that he likes.

:bulletwhite: 50 - 99 points - crazyal154 will look through your entire gallery and fave the pieces that he likes. Plus, he will feature one of your deviations in his personal journal.

:bulletyellow: 100 points (or more!) - crazyal154 will look through your entire gallery and fave the pieces that he likes. He will feature you in his personal journal. Plus, you will get a separate feature of your work in the group journal.

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Chatroom and Social Networks

Submission Rules

:bulletblue: Please submit photographs to the appropriate folder.

:bulletgreen: As a general rule, If it didn't come out of a camera or you don't own the rights to it, it doesn't belong here.

:bulletorange: Do not submit photos involving nudity, even if it has a mature content warning. They will be rejected. This group is for people of all ages.

:bulletpink: Blood, Guts, Violence: Self Explanatory, Please do NOT submit any image. Macabre images will be up to the admin's discretion.

:bulletpurple: You may submit only TWO images per month, anymore will be automatically rejected.

:bulletred: Do not submit work that has been heavily photoshopped such as overlays, texture overlays (like fake bokeh), over sharpening, a glow, text (excluding personal watermarks) -- etcetera.

:bulletyellow: Please do not submit work with selected color. This means that the rest of the image is in black and white with a small part in color.

:bulletblue: Photomanipulations are NOT allowed.

:bulletgreen: Please do not submit photos taken with you cell phone.

:bulletorange: If a specific folder is missing or you have a suggestion for a new folder, please let crazyal154 know.

:bulletpink: Diptych (A two-part paneled photograph) is accepted. Triptych (Three-part) and greater are not accepted.

Why might my work be rejected?
:pointr: If it is submitted to the wrong folder.
:pointr: If quality is deemed unacceptable by the reviewing admins.
:pointr: If the above submission guidelines are not abided by.

Disclaimer and Contact Info

:bulletblue: We reserve the right to decline any deviation into our group at anytime with or without notice and/or comment to the submitting artist.

:bulletgreen: crazyal154 reserves the right to at his discretion modify the submission guidelines of this group or close and modify group deviation submissions at any time with appropriate notice to group members.

:bulletblue: PhotographersPlace and its admins are not responsible for acts of stupidity or unlawful activity such as trolling, art theft, and so on committed by any member of the group.

:pointr: If you wanna chat about photography or anything else, then head on over to our chatroom

:pointr: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at or sent a note to crazyal154.






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Dead since ages.
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I just started writing my own little photography blog, and I would love to share it with some fellow photographers, so if you have time check out and maybe leave a comment or two, I would love to hear that someone feels the same way about their own photos, or just to share ideas and techniques. 
Don't be a stranger! 
TreborNehoc Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016   Photographer
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Submissions expired - dead group?
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Hi, my submissions have expired.  Are you active or don't want my submissions?  Have a great day.
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