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Hello Everyone!

We are going to be starting to conduct interviews to random photographers within our group. This is our first interview and let's warmly welcome...



How did you get into photography?

I got into the 'real' photography in the year 2009. My wife gave me for Christmas my first digital SLR, the Canon 550D.
Since that time I've been obsessed with photography.

Which piece from your gallery are you most proud of, and why?

It's the picture "ray of light". For this image I waited a very long time for a perfect moment and on that very cold winter morning
my wish came true. The sun was shining only for a moment through the thick cloud cover, but that was all I needed.


Have you ever achieved any awards for your photography? (Daily Deviation, winning a contest, etc.)

My greatest award until now is a gold medal at the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014. Another success is the publication of two photos
of me at Microsoft® in the Windows 7+8 Design Theme "German Landscapes". Furthermore I won some 1st places at smaller photo competitions.
But I have not received a Daily Deviation so far ...

How long have you been on deviantART? Do you think being here has helped you improve your skill? Have you been motivated?

I have been on deviantART for 4 months and I really like this great community. And yes, I think and hope that I can improve my skills
here. Definitely my motivation is high.

Are you self-taught or do you have an education in photography?

I am a complete self-taught photographer.

Who or what inspires you?

The nature. I love to explore landscapes and especially the forests.

How would you describe your style of photography? Do you think you're unique?

Classical landscape photography with a touch of creativity and mysticism. I hope that my style has an easy recognition value.

What are your favourite styles and subjects to work with?

I have loved trees since my childhood, so they are my very favourite photographic main focus.
Whether in the woods or the lonely one in the field.

What tips would you give someone brand new to photography?

First of all it is you who makes the images. The camera is only your tool for that. It usually makes no difference whether you take pictures with a big expensive or a cheaper smaller camera.
Be creative! Don't use only the auto mode on your camera. And at last, have a lot of fun with this wonderful hobby.

Do you have any future aspirations for photography?

Never be perfect, because that would someday produce the boredom in my favorite hobby.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon D7000, some different lenses, filters, a tripod and a cable remote release.
Post processing with Lightroom 5.6 and PS CS6.


Once again, let's thank HeikoGerlicher for his time! :iconheikogerlicher:
Here's a few of his photographs that are situated in his gallery. Take a moment to look through all of his amazing work!
:thumb471657635: :thumb465408898: :thumb465869031:
:thumb468269033: :thumb470197339: :thumb473557930:

We will be back with more interviews within another month. Keep your eye out for more!
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September 26, 2014