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Plants vs Zombies 2 Big Wave Beach Wallpaper

Well, I made it again but this time, it's in Big Wave Beach!!!

Okay, it's not like yesterday...

This is your sixth trip in time! (or something)

Lily Pad
Tangled Kelp
Bowling Bulb
Chomper (Premium)
Homing Thistle (Premium)
Banana Launcher
Ghost Pepper (Premium)

Pompadour Zombie
Pompadour Conehead
Pompadour Buckethead
Beach Flag Zombie
Bikini Zombie
Bikini Conehead
Bikini Buckethead
Snorkel Zombie
Imp Mermaid Zombie
Beach Imp (only in the Trailer)
Surfer Zombie
Deep Sea Gargantuar
Fisherman Zombie
Octo Zombie
Zombot Sharktronic Sub

I don't own anything, all of it belongs to PopCap and EA Games...

Note: Some are the images are up sized... and Some of the wallpapers had different spots so, don't complain... also the editing on the zombies are hard... and for now, unlike the AE,PS,& WW, the background is a bit small... So, there might be problem later on... also added Premium Plants for now... If people ask why Ghost Pepper is there, well, that's the time it came in at Halloween 2014 on BWB...
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