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Below is our first feature :woohoo: for the Feb/March Featured "The Best of" works we've chosen to feature here in this blog and on the front page in the Featured widget for the month. :w00t: Below these, you'll see where else these choices will be featured from donated journal and/or news article features. :dance: **Again, if you want to know how to join in these 'challenge' monthly features, check our group's home page. Please pay attention, because not all of your submissions should be submitted to this folder. Please try to submit to the correct category folders, be it the Featured Challenge folder (limited submissions to) or any other folder. :nod: Have a great time and enjoy these fabulous works from our members!! (These are in no particular order, just random :nod:)

We really want to just reiterate that these were chosen from works submitted to our Featured folder, not from ALL the submissions during these past two months. Many works that were submitted to our gallery are equally fantastic, but it was said many times over in blogs to submit your best to the Featured folder (now the Featured Challenge April folder) to be considered for the Feature here and all the rest. I really hope that any of you that aren't shown here know this and aren't feeling bad, thinking we don't appreciate your work. We do!! :heart: Now..on with the picks from the submitted works to this 'challenge' folder. :love:

:iconsalemcat: Dust Road
:iconsnikkio: spun gold
:iconekbs: Peace and Quiet
:iconsalemcat: Sunset and Silhouette
:iconkaunau: fallen angel
:iconmysterious-one: Memory of Bulgaria
:iconholymacro: Harmony
:iconintao: Waiting for Spring
:iconchopen: Lost in Paradise
:iconteaphotography: Harmonious
:iconwhitebook: Much more than a kiss
:icongilraen-taralom: Glowing Red
:iconholymacro: Horizon Glow
:icondennischunga: we built anohter world
:iconseeing-the-dark: Twist
:iconbitterev: in 7 corners on 1 floor
:iconchristineamat: O
:iconmacsblack: Lilies3
:iconooshling: Miami Dawn
:iconwhitebook: Fresh Vision
:iconholymacro: Buried Love
:icondoelenaer: trinette
:iconekbs: Life Cycle
:iconkiarablackphotograph: Superbia
:icontoyan: Allure
:iconstephaniesaysvu: Smoking your last cigarette
:iconpsypence: Dear Death
:iconsadalmelek: sunset in kdz eregli IV
:iconwontherlf: 119
:icongold-rose: Stop Calling Me

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Congratulations!! :dance:

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