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Fabiola II-II

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█ Photographer : Sebastian Klingk

█ Model: Fabiola Feistl

█ Hair/Makeup: Elena Valeska Herlet

█ Retouch: Imre Fejes

█ Assistence: Vanessa Iloski & Joy Peltier

©2010 Sebastian Klingk. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced without my permission.

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When I saw this photo in my messages, it immediately catched my eyes. I could not help but look at this photograph and try to figure out why it kept me so quickly.

And I think it's especially because of her eyes, and her facial expression. To me, it seems like she's staring right at me, as if she comes out of the picture and wants to tell me something. Although you don't see any action in this picture, it's so absolutely vibrant. She appears to be about to say: "I can see you. And believe me - in a moment I'm standing next to you!"

I've seen many portraits since I'm here on deviantART, but I rarely saw one like that. Although it's motif is rather kept simple, it's so unbelievable awesome. Maybe even because of it's simplicity and power of expression.
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thank you very much!! :)
yes, she is an awesome model! :D
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her eyes are so expressive :omg: you're a lucky photographer :dance:
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Great shot, great expression and great crop :)
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Très beau cliché.
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There are two key ingredients in this photo...the slightly puckered smile and the arched eyebrow. That makes this photo way more than just a simple head shot, and suggests that there's something going on behind that stare.

Simply gorgeous.
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extremely well done :peace:
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Beautiful shot, beautiful model.
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hammer foto!
und ich geb kasheee recht, der ausdruck ist cool :D
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sehr schöner ausdruck :)
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beautiful. really nice tones in the B&W.
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Possibly one of the sexiest photos I've ever seen!

Amazing! :D
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