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Ok so this journal editor is weird....

No preview? Or is there no way to edit the markup? This feels like a step backwards. By all means get rid of custom CSS, even though that is one of the few premium features of this site. But if there is no way to use specific markup then that is a little odd. Being unable to preview is a little odd.

The title being truncated in this view is pretty odd and, frankly, bemusing. Will the title be truncated when I publish? Assuming not for now.

How can you guarantee the estimated reading time is accurate?

Lets try adding an image:

Breed 77 guitarist

Some decent formatting options for images... now how do I format text? Using ctrl + b for bold seems to work fine, maybe similar for underline and italics? Apparently so. Text formatting options also turn up if you highlight some text, fun.

There is a bit of a learning curve here, but I suppose it is less of a curve than learning HTML etc.

A significant number of the pages for DA do not yet seem to be skinned for Eclipse, this is disappointing for a preview release. Try Forum and Shop, completely untouched.

Generally speaking the design feels more modern, but it feels odd on a first skim-through. The browse page and watch page is pretty nice. Having "Add Section" buttons interrupt my own profile page feels weird.

Where are the site-wide notifications? Announcement journals seem to have gone missing. This feels like a bit of a blunder, unless I simply have not found them yet...

Perhaps predictably, the chats do not seem to be mentioned anywhere in the main navigation of the site. This is incredibly disappointing.

Admittedly, I have a massive bias towards the chats. It is where I once made my home on this site. Unfortunately the chats have been continually neglected by the people maintaining DA for a fair few years. Little investment from community relations, and few tech resources invested means that activity and functionality have suffered over the years.

There has been, for a while now, an odd assumption on the part of certain persons. I can't speak too specifically on who. The assumption goes that people in general are not interested in chat systems like the one found here.

To provide a counter-argument, I will simply cite a couple of popular, current examples of chat systems that are thriving:

- Slack

- Discord

- WhatsApp


The real problem is that it is difficult to maintain, and difficult to moderate, so it is considered less worthy of attention. It is also more difficult to monetise. These motivations are difficult to swallow. On top of that, at one point I heard talk of maybe replacing the chats (and the notes system) with a facebook-like chat system. This is a horrible idea.

Just noticed that the page doesn't always scroll as the journal you are typing extends beyond the bottom of the browser window. Might be worth looking into.

How the hell do I link people in this editing mode? Maybe @ works?

And it does! It even shows you a nice tooltip to show you who will be linked! But the tooltip always displays underneath what you are typing. So if you're at the bottom of the window, you can't see the suggestions...

Not going to link anyone, no one cares anyway.

Time for me to go back into hibernation.

Don't @ me.


Frogpond was recently offline for a while. This was a knock-on effect from DA chats being offline.

DA chats are now back online, so I have been able to bring frogpond back online.

Hello everyone!

A few days or so ago, frogpond went down. This meant wsc.dAmn went down along with it.

I have managed to get the website back up and running again for now.

If you don't believe me, head on over to frogpond and see for yourself!

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

That said, I only really fixed it because I can't stand DA's official chat client.

Throw money at me and I might care a bit more.

Thanks for reading,

- Henry

Today marks my 10th year on deviantART.

Thanks for all the fish.

My brother has made a facebook page for his artwork. May have other things (DA profile etc.) coming up soon. For now, check out his facebook page!…

EDIT: Ok, so... apparently wsc is good for my portfolio, so it's back online.

Good afternoon!

There have been some complaints that people can't access wsc.dAmn anymore, with some assuming it is broken, or that they are doing something wrong. Neither of these things are true.

I have decided to discontinue wsc.dAmn until further notice.

Maintaining and updating wsc.dAmn is a lot more work than I am willing to do for free any more. It is often thankless work, and work that is mostly received with (non-constructive) criticism and complaints that provide little by way of feedback.

I like feedback, I really do! But if it isn't constructive then there isn't much point.

I have been working on the client for a long time, without pay. A handful of people use it weekly. At the moment, it does not seem like it is worth my time to continue working on this stuff.

I have asked some if they would consider paying to use the client, but most are reluctant to even consider that.

To those of you that use wsc.dAmn on a regular basis, sorry, and thanks! The main reason I made the client was to provide a better replacement for the original client. It wasn't about money. Unfortunately I am currently unemployed, and need to start earning money very quickly. And doing that level of work for free is really not appropriate.

So, yeah, dAmn won't be getting video calls any time soon, I think.

Anyways, for now, people are going to have to make do with the official client.

Thanks for reading!

Managed to hack up a simple proxy for wsc.dAmn, so it should be working again!

Let me know if there are any problems.

- photofroggy
wsc.dAmn is currently unable to connect to the chats.

I think the proxy server may be down, but I am not sure. I will look into fixing this when I have the time. This could be a couple of days.

To the 5 people who use wsc, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Keep an eye on my journal for updates on this issue.


- photofroggy
Hello everyone.

I'm currently working on mobile GUI for wsc.dAmn. The working title for the mobile version of this client is "tadpole". Development is at a stage where I am happy for people to test it out in a closed beta.

There is still a lot of work to be done, and there may be a lot of bugs around the place. So far, it at least seems usable.

A closed Beta of the client is now live on frogpond. It is served on the same URL the desktop version is served on. All you have to do to access it is navigate to the page using your mobile phone or tablet.

If you would like access to this Beta, please send me a note.

While working on this mobile version of the client I have been taking some screenshots, and will continue to do so. If you want to see how things look so far, you can check this folder. I will keep adding screenshots to this folder if I feel like taking any more.

Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. If you do get involved, by all means, send me notes when you find problems.

Thanks for reading!

- photofroggy
streaming by photofroggy

My userscript for the chats,, is currently broken thanks to changes in deviantART's chat client.

I currently do not have the time to fix this, and I doubt I will ever have the motivation. So, until further notice, is discontinued indefinitely. If you are currently using, you may have to disable it to be able to connect to the chats.

If you were using and still want a client which does not depend on Flash, and other external plugins, and connects faster than deviantART's own chat client, give wsc.dAmn a try. This is a browser-based chat client for dA's chats which is delivered by my own website, but still connects to deviantART's chats.

wsc.dAmn provides many extra features by default, including some typically implemented by SuperdAmn. This means you shouldn't have to mess around with installing additional browser plugins and userscripts to obtain a decent chat client. And you don't need to download anything either.

Thank you for supporting, but for now, I can't afford to support it.

Thanks for reading!

On Tuesday my deviantART account turned 9 years old.

So, a belated happy birthday to "photofroggy".

It's been a loooooooong time.

In my years here I've made multiple chatroom bots. Helped moderate a few clubs, groups, and channels. Taken part in a few competitions and collaborative projects. I've seen many chatrooms rise and fall. Celebrated dA's birthday many times. Joined in celebrations for various holidays over the years. Helped document, design, and debug various third party projects. Made my own client for dAmn. And now I'm a CV.

What have you guys been doing over the years?

If you have some interesting stories to tell, go ahead; the floor is open!

Some userscripts for the dAmn chats, including SuperdAmn, are currently broken.

If you have any of these userscripts installed, you will not be able to access the chatrooms. Until they are fixed, you can disable them to regain access to the chatrooms.

Please note that userscripts are not officially supported by deviantART. Keep an eye on the journals of the people who uploaded them to see when they may be fixed.

Thanks for reading.

Check it out here! Should be good!
Check out this article on Daily Deviations!

Hello there!

If you liked dAmnIt, and still want to read and submit chat quotes that you find funny, there is an alternative to dAmnIt created by DivinityArcane.

You can find this alternative quotes database here.

This quotes database has an archive of quotes from dAmnIt, and allows you to submit new quotes. You can also upvote quotes that you find funny.

So, get over there and take part!


PS. Obviously drop into the chats. To submit quotes, you first need to witness them. Obviously.
Hello everyone.

As some of you may know, I maintain my own chat client for deviantART's chats, dAmn.

I should probably point out that my client is not official and is not supported or endorsed by deviantART in any way.

Either way, are there any features that you think that chats could do with having? Anything at all. Also, would you be willing to pay for more advanced features? If so, how much would you pay for extra features? Naturally, the best things in life are free, but I do have to consider charging for my work. It is work, after all.

If you have any suggestions, mention them in the comments on this journal.

I should mention that I already have plans to implement private and group video calls.

I have also been playing around with embedding deviantART Muro in my chat client. I'm guessing it would be nice to be able to draw while chatting, without having to switch between windows.

Thanks for reading!

Hello to everyone!

Here's hoping everyone is having a nice holiday!

Two days before Christmas and we discover my mum's car has been broken into, and every present stolen. Still gonna have a big ass turkey, though.

Remember to keep your belongings safe during the holiday!

Take care :peace:
Hey guys!

Apparently I'm a CV now! I am a chat & forum volunteer. In future I intend to get some chat events going. We'll see how that actually goes.

Now for some not so great news.

Recently, MoUnTaInDeWmE's mother passed away. Their family is fairly poor. As such, they are struggling to afford a memorial service for the mother. If you can contribute anything at all, please head over to her journal for details on how you can help!

Bundling this stuff into the same journal seems a bit odd, but I thought it was important to get MoUnTaInDeWmE's journal out there in some form. And I had not yet posted a journal about the CV thing. Shelby, you have my apologies.

Thanks for reading!

:peace: :heart: