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Some of my images are now available as prints!!!

Take a look at my website or at my little shop on DaWanda!

You can also like my facebook page and stay up to date with my work!
OMG, I didn't realize that I have a DD!!! I just wondered about so many faves!
Thanks so much guys!…
Today I realized, that I joined deviantArt three years ago. But I actually started photography at the end of 2006. And this is almost 5 years ago. I'm surprised how fast the time has passed by.
I remember my first images that I had uploaded here on dA. It was a wallpaper with some vector graphics in it, images with a VW Golf R32 in front of a strange building and some boring nature/plants images. They're not online anymore because some month after uploading I didn't like them. Everyone knows what I mean? ;)
I think I've been progressing my photography and photoshop skills within the last years and I won't stop it. There are so many great photographers and artists out there that inspires me so much. And there are also people that fave, comment and love my images.

I just wanna say "THANK YOU" for being there!!! :hug:

Best regards,
here we go link
There's a a post about my work on Fubiz!!! Fubiz is a platform based on subjects in the graphics world, trends and digital arts.

Fave it!!!