Weekly Challenge - Poll Closed

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 22, 2010, 5:53 AM

Hi everyone,

This week's poll is now closed. The winner of this week's challenge will be declared later.

Thanks and good day.
The Admins.

Hi everyone.

Our poll to determine the winner of our Collaboration challenge is now up. The competition is really tight so don't forget to vote for your fave entries in this photoetry.deviantart.com/journ… . Voting ends on Sept 7/2010 11:59pm EST.

Thanks and good luck.
The Admins.

Hi everyone,

The submission of entries for this week's challenge is now closed. The poll will be posted later. Good luck to everyone.

The Admins.

Flash Update:
Due to your requests, we have moved the deadline for this week's challenge to Sept 5, 11:59pm EST. We'll be looking forward to your entries.

The Admins.


Hi everyone,

This week's challenge is what our group is all about, the meeting of the minds of both photographers and poets. So it is only fitting that we end the month with a challenge focused on Collaborations.

The Mechanics:
- Members need to work together to come up with a new deviation. There is no limit to the number of artists involved as long as they're more than 1.
- It must be a Photoem, therefore, it should have a photo and a poem.
- The entry must be new. This includes both the photo and the poem.
- The submitted entries should write in the artist's comments that it is a collaboration and it should mention the collaborators as well. Also, it is advised but not required that the artwork is present in both of their galleries.

The Deadline:
- Sept 5, 11:59pm EST.

The Prize:
- All of the artists who participated in the winning entry will be declared Artists of the Week.

The Tricky Part:
- To avoid confusion, entries should not be submitted more than once. It is up to the collaborators to decide who among them will submit the artwork.

Important Note:
- You can only collaborate with members of the group. So if you are planning to work with someone who is not a member of Photoetry, that person should join our group first before we accept your contest entry.
- Do not forget to put a link to this blog so we'd know that it is for this challenge.

For further questions, simply leave a comment below.

Good luck to everyone.

Come outside the box.

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