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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 30, 2010, 12:31 AM

Submission guidelines and Gallery information

Featured – This is where the outstanding ones go and only Admins can submit here. If your submission wins the weekly challenge, it goes here as well.

Photos – This is where you can submit your photos and photomanipulations. Digital art is not accepted as of the meantime. The single rule for this gallery is that the photo should inspire people to write.

Poems – This is where all sorts of poems go. And same with the Photos folder, submissions will be checked to ensure that the poem can serve as an inspiration for fellow artists.

Photoems – This is the highlight of our group and we will closely monitor this folder to make sure that only Photoems are accepted. It is also important to know that any submission that doesn't meet the copyright guidelines will be declined.

Weekly Challenge – To keep things interesting, we will be hosting a weekly challenge for all our members.

Below are the Submission Guidelines.
- 3 entries per week to the Photos folder.
- 3 entries per week to the Poems folder.
- 2 entries per day to the Photoems folder.
- 1 entry per week to the Weekly Challenge.

Here are the guidelines that we will all follow when Accepting/Declining your entries.

General Rules for Photos:
- Always keep in mind that "it should inspire people to write".
- It is important that the image is not too blurry or grainy.
- It should at least have a concept or a subtle message.
- Photos should meet some basic photography principles such as focusing and exposure.
- The use of the dA watermark must not affect the quality of the image.
- Nude photos are currently not accepted but is subject to discussion should a need arise.

Copyright Guidelines for Photoems:
- If it is a collaboration, it should mention in the comments that it is one.
- If a preview image was used, it should state in the comments that proper permissions were obtained as per discussed in this must-read article.
- If the member owns the photo used as a preview image, it should state in the comments that the photo is of their own. Same principle applies to purchased images.
- The usage of Thumbnails in the artist's comments in place of preview images is allowed.

Poems with Mature Content
- It should not be too explicit nor too vulgar.

Come outside the box.

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