What is Photoetry?
As the name suggests, Photoetry is a combination of both "Photography" and "Poetry". It is a group dedicated to all photographers and poets providing them with creative challenges to help them grow and develop as artists.

Why join Photoetry?
If you are a poet, there are two words that can sum up why; “Writer’s Block”.
If you are a photographer,  your reason is far shorter; “Concepts”.
Here at Photoetry, we guarantee that you won’t wake up with a big Block on your head nor will you ever run out of Concepts. Our supply of ideas is endless.

Where will these ideas come from?
It’s pretty simple. If your field is poetry, just submit a poem. If yours is photography, simply send us a photo.

How do the entries help?
In a nutshell, you will be drawing inspiration from each others artwork. If a photo you found in the gallery inspired you into writing, notify the owner and inform him that he/she has helped you come up with a poem. The same principles apply for poems that aided the photographer in coming up with his conceptual shots.

Please be advised though that we are not accepting poems containing preview images that do not have proper permission from the owner.

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