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I love Sigma and for the affordable lenses they make.

As I was reading through their website, I ended up on the blog and found this short interesting blog entry:…

Along with it, you should also read…

Who would know photography better than the makers of photography equipment, eh? =D
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So many creepers on this site, that it's not even funny :O

Borrowed from another photo site, from their guidelines in addition to their TOS (Terms of Service):

Don't be creepy.
  • You know the guy. Don't be that guy.

It's a very good rule, and should be used everywhere. Goes for creepy girls too, except I never have had the luck to meet them, so they probably don't exist :P…
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Say something mean to me!

Tue Mar 26, 2013, 2:25 AM by photodeus:iconphotodeus:
I mean it - Say whatever you feel about any of my artwork. Mean, nasty or hurtful. Or maybe it's too difficult for you? I dare YOU.

  • Listening to: Kids playing outside. They annoy me.
  • Reading: Programming code.
  • Watching: Naked faces
  • Playing: Kingdoms of Camelot
  • Eating: Chickpeas
  • Drinking: Carbonated tap water

Skinning my journal

Wed Mar 20, 2013, 2:45 PM by photodeus:iconphotodeus:
I'm too poor to buy Premium, but I just wanna see if I can skin my journal anyway? Seems that there's this Blackberry sponsored event so I gotta test this out. Never ever seen a Blackberry before either, so I can't really say I care much about that brand of phones.

Green screens however I find interesting, I actually want to paint a wall green so I can do cool video projects at home... who knows, maybe one day I'll do that, although a blue wall is more realistic.

Even if you feel absolutely nothing.
Which in itself is quite an achievement.
If a deviation can leave you totally numb, then it must be really special.

How do you like my photography or artwork?

Do you think it's super boring or just too average to comment on?
You can tell me that! I won't get insulted.

Does it make you think about something? Or maybe you want to ask questions?

The current problem with dA today is:
  • Too many submissions, too few spectators. People have no time to leave comments since they're busy watching... watching someone else than you!
  • People are cowards. They don't dare to leave negative (but constructive) criticism. Most times they just write "Good!", "Nice!". I suppose it's more than enough in most cases, but usually not very helpful at all.

Tip: A journal that more verbosely says it. Instead of repeating everything, I'll just link to it:…
From dA Etiquette Policy:
It is our policy to welcome artists of all levels from amateur to professional and to that end we do not attach any minimum standards of quality to deviations submitted by our membership; all manner of artworks are welcome providing they meet with our etiquette and copyright policies. While we do not impose quality standards we do ask that you practice self-moderation in what you choose to submit and that you submit your works into the most appropriate gallery. While we encourage the submission of only your very best works we have provided an area for those submissions which may fall short of that 'top quality' mark; this is your "Scrapbook" gallery and we highly encourage its use.

Too many mirror snapshots in here if you ask me...
Just wow. I was reading through the rules of this site:

What is the policy concerning photographs of corpses, cruelty or death?

Images depicting real life corpses or death are allowed providing that a reviewing staff member does not consider the work to be unnecessarily graphic. Photographs judged to be unnecessarily graphic will be removed. All allowable submissions of this nature must be marked with a Mature Content tag.

Images of animal cruelty are not allowed and will be immediately removed as they come to the attention of the staff.

I didn't see that coming. Quite unexpected. Most sites ban anything that has to do with real death. Spooky!
"Just about anything that is on this site, on the web, on TV, on CD's, on DVD's, in books & in magazines is probably copyrighted by someone."

Quoted from deviantArt's Copyright Policy.

So what does it all mean? Well it means you should not take photos of art, magazine covers, DVD covers etc. and post those photos here. Just because you took the photo doesn't mean you own the copyright to the content, if the copyrighted content is the main focus of your photo. Confusing? Should not be.

Be original, don't borrow too much and definitely don't steal. Or Santa will not be nice to you next Christmas.
Not all is bad, just the few rotten apples. There's plenty of talent here, I'll try to limit my focus and just notice the golden nuggets and stay away from negativity.

Have a good weekend!
In you, deviantArt.

I was looking for community full of talented and inspired people. Yet I see so much mediocrity.

Sorry for sounding like a snob.  But there's too much crap all around. Just like this journal entry. It should have never been posted in the first place!
No new camera in my hands yet, it has to be picked up from the postal office and the guy who's supposed to handle that part has called in sick. Maybe tomorrow then.

Argh can't wait! And I'm not thinking of all the 24 megapixels the sensor offers, but rather the Full-HD 1920x1080/50p video recording mode!
Soon I'll be a master videographer. Amazing stuff will be posted on Vimeo, Flickr or Youtube. Unless dA supports video? I doubt it does.

New toys are fun!
I'll have a new camera in my hands today or tomorrow if all goes as planned.
Maybe that'll light the spark of creativity in me once again?

Stay tuned...
My favorites are landscapes, portraits, candid snapshots (= people engaged in various activities totally ignoring the camera).

I got plenty of photos, and actually quite a few that I should publish.
My snapshots of the world deserves to be put out for everyone to be seen!
I love taking the shot. Releasing is a whole another matter...

When I logon to dA it's usually when I look for some stock photo to incorporate into my own artwork. But as of late, it's happened on very rare occasions.
Where did I lose my artistic soul?