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Resources index

Wed Oct 15, 2008, 5:56 PM
PhotoComix-Resources for Gimp

List of resources available here is growing so is time to create a index

Gimp spare-parts
( Clones of default folder)

default brush for Gimp 2.6
default script for Gimp 2.6
default plugin for Gimp 2.6(windows)
default brush for Gimp 2.4
default script for Gimp 2.4
default plugin for Gimp 2.4(windows)

Special parts

Gimp Python Easier (windows)
(all what needed to add to gimp support for python plugin )

Virtual Pin 4 Gimp (-deskpins )
(a simple tool to pin windows on top, not only for gimp )

Gimp Plugins (all compiled for Windows xp-vista)

GAP (Gimp Animation Pack) 2.4
GAP bugfix files
MathMap 1.2.4
Greycstoration 2.9
Greycstoration2.9 ( Sse2 )
Exif_browser Plugin
HQ rescale Plugin for Gimp
Fix C.A (Fix Cromatic Aberration)
Refocus plugin-
DCamnoise-2 for Gimp -windows
Plasma2 for Gimp -windows
PSPI ( Gimp PS-plugin support )
Erase every row
Depthmap Generator for Gimp
Gimp UnsharpMask2
(Lost+Found) Gimp Freetype
(Lost+Found ):Gimp batch DPB

FOR MATHMAP (1.2.x til 1.3.x )

MathMap Custom Script MathMap custom script 2:1 by photocomix-resources
MathMap custom script 2:1 MathMap custom script 2:1 by photocomix-resources

Note both mathmap custom script packs are included in windows  version of mathmap 1.2.4
some are now included in the official MM 1.3.x (only for Linux )

Much more soon


GIMP Contrast Mask Script by fence-post Tech-Style Background in GIMP by fence-post GIMP Powertoning Script by fence-post
GIMP Spinning Cube Script by fence-post GIMP Satin Script by fence-post GIMP Ocean Text Scripts by fence-post
Retro Background Script by fence-post Lord of the Rings Script by fence-post Tech-Style Background Scripts by fence-post

Devious Journal Entry

Sun Jul 13, 2008, 10:13 AM
PhotoComix-Resources for Gimp

Well the idea of Photocomix resources is just to make things a bit easier for Gimp users, ... now the Gimp plugin Registry is resurrecting but still some of the best Gimp script and plugin are quite hard to trace, well i can't help to organize a Archive but i thought a good idea to mirror the best and hard to trace script and plugin here .

That is mostly useful for who use Windows XP or Vista because are the Windows version usually the most difficult to find, ( i found some on giaponise or chinese side that are hard to browse for european )

I'm not ,neither i want give the impression to be the developer, (you will find always a link to the developer side in the image comment ) neither i ported them to windows,
i simply find for my use and i want share them

Reason why Windows versions may be hard to find is that most of Gimp developers works on Linux , so they may be unable to port and test to windows without help

That may be done by somebody else but then communication may fail and as fact the windows version get easy as lost (is hard to trace them if there is their  link is not even on listed on the developer or plugin page/side, but only was posted on some forum.

but as i said i searched for my self and this is the best i found till now everything is working well with gimp 2.4...

soon a new gimp version will pop out gimp 2.6 then everything will be checked for compatibility again...

then i will like to credit who compiled/ported gimp and its plugins to  windows
Tor Lillqvist,  Michael Shuoemaker JamesH ,Commander Guff  sorry if the is incomplete