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Refocus plugin- windows OS



fixed now!..(was a problem for DA automatically renaming uploaded file, fixed now)

It is a plugin for Gimp ( [link] ) this is the version for windows xp-vista and work well with last gimp 2.4..
Quite useful plugin but almost impossible to find (more easy find the source code or the Linux version )

I stumbled upon its link browsing Japanese websides but few in the US or in Europe do it..even less may understand the meaning of Japanese ideogram

So i thought was a good idea to mirror here where even who do not understand Japanese may have a chance to find it !!
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Please note if you get a refocus plugin to work, you still have a problem of understanding the parameters. Meaning there are controls, but you will need to understand their very technical nature to use them, since no descriptions for the image adjustments are provided. And do you really want to keep adjusting them, not knowing what they will do? No presets either.