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Refocus plugin- windows OS

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fixed now!..(was a problem for DA automatically renaming uploaded file, fixed now)

It is a plugin for Gimp ( [link] ) this is the version for windows xp-vista and work well with last gimp 2.4..
Quite useful plugin but almost impossible to find (more easy find the source code or the Linux version )

I stumbled upon its link browsing Japanese websides but few in the US or in Europe do it..even less may understand the meaning of Japanese ideogram

So i thought was a good idea to mirror here where even who do not understand Japanese may have a chance to find it !!
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very cool-thanks!
Download link no good. Does it no longer exist? :(
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Running on windows 7? impossible.
Thanx - works great on gimp 2.8
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I used o have this, but it got lost when I upgraded my system. It was here all along!

Many thanks

how can i get the sourcecode?
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Can you please compile the 2.0 version, too?
Could you please send me a copy of the sourcecode? THX!
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I need libasprint.dll to run ;(
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yeah, mine too...
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It works fine with 2.6.10 but I difficulty understanding the parameters...
Useful. I have this on my linux machine (remotely accessible only, because the built-in GPU is fried and i can't simply add another one -- long story, maybe I'll journal about it sometime), but editing large images over the network is something of a pain. Great to have it on the Windows machine too, now!
Where is the download link?
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left of the image as always
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very cool plug-ins.It can run in gimp2.4.7
Thanks for that!
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yes at least on my PC

be aware of gimp 2.6.6 may be buggy stay with 2.6.5
(anyway this should work even with 2.6.6 )
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does it work in gimp 2.6?
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thanks for the plugin! again ;)
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