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Plasma2 for Gimp -windows

This is a more advanced version of the Plasma filter included in Gimp
Is not new but this version for Windows is quite hard to find so i decide to mirror here

Work well with Gimp 2.4

For who may be interested source code is here
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Thank you for sharing this!
I have tried several times to install the plasma2, I have reinstalled Gimp as well, it keeps telling me I am missing a dll file, reinstall gimp, is there a specific thing I am needing here, for I can only reinstall so many times with the same resule
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Anaplus's avatar looks great and i like it very much :) thank you for this plugin :)
Awesome thanks for this
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i installed it now thank you so much
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how can i install this? please help me
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I used to have so much fun with this plug-in.

Ate My Crayons
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thanks for the plugin!
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happy you found useful
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Thank you for uploading this, I had a problem finding somewhere to download it for my portable version of GIMP.
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