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MathMap custom script 2:1

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this is a group of scripts (= codes = filters) for Mathmap 1.2 or higher.

If may get the latest windows version (1.2.4) with all those script already included from here
[link] ,

If you use the MM 1.3 (available only for linux) you may get a error message about duplicated script ,because 2 of them were added to that release with a slight different name (and no other changes).
Message is harmless, to avoid it you may just delete the duplicates from the "expressions" folder

i left them out of a previous collection that include all other "Custom" script for Mathmap (here [link] )because they have special requirement for the input image...that is supposed to be equirectangular (and with imagine ratio of EXACTLY 2:1)

thank to the author, Breic [link] and Seb Prtzl [link] that make them available
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Seems to be a cool collection... I will give a try...
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What is MathMap and how is it related to Gimp?
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is a gimp plugin
here there is not the plugin but extra script for it
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Thanks, looks like an interesting plug-in. I will google for it, but I suggest you link to its home page in your description, it would bring more attention to it (and would then make more interest for your script!). =)
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oopss was the link missed ? i will correct that

More i plan to upload also the latest windows installer that for some reason is not available on the official side
(anyway Linux version is much quicker, difference is most sensible with most complex code as the Escher-droste effect