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MathMap custom script 2:1



this is a group of scripts (= codes = filters) for Mathmap 1.2 or higher.

If may get the latest windows version (1.2.4) with all those script already included from here
[link] ,

If you use the MM 1.3 (available only for linux) you may get a error message about duplicated script ,because 2 of them were added to that release with a slight different name (and no other changes).
Message is harmless, to avoid it you may just delete the duplicates from the "expressions" folder

i left them out of a previous collection that include all other "Custom" script for Mathmap (here [link] )because they have special requirement for the input image...that is supposed to be equirectangular (and with imagine ratio of EXACTLY 2:1)

thank to the author, Breic [link] and Seb Prtzl [link] that make them available
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Seems to be a cool collection... I will give a try...