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Lost+Found Gimp Freetype

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This is the Windows version of the Gimp freetype plugin that for some reason went missed in latest Gimp 2.4

There is no compatibility issue in gimp 2.4 Freetype plugin work as before

But was hard to find NO download link available.

And the Freetype plugin is a must have so i decide to offer also from here


Simply move "freetype.exe" in C:/document and setting/gimp/plugin

All this is under GPL licence
Link for sorce code are included as other useful link

a how to use and a tutorial are too included

I have no merit in writing compiling or even tracing this plugin, but only o try to provide a more visible download link

PhotoComiX January 2008
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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Thanks for providing the download. All the others I found were broken. It would be more useful if it had capability to adjust kerning between characters. :( but useful, none-the-less.
Thanks PC for keeping this plugin available .
what the purpose of this plugin??
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Simply move "freetype.exe" in C:/document and setting/gimp/plugin

which is its original position? I think I haven't a copy on my pc :(
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sorry i see just mow your message

its original position is inside the zip that you may download from the download bottom at left side of the image
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thank you! =D

..but now I realized there's no such folder in my pc..
do you think I should create it, or maybe I could find it at a different location?
sorry for botherin' you..
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what you use windows XP or vista?

In xp you may click on "computer resources" then on "C" (if C is the name of your HD) then you will see "Documents and Settings" and inside a folder with your name, then a.gimp folder

Almost the same for VISTA except that you will see "Users" instead then "Documents and Settings"
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found it!!
I didn't saw it before 'cause it starts with a "."
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sorry, I pressed "enter" key accidentally before I could say thank you again!! :hug:

it also works!! I'm gonna try it immediately!! =D
ya, awesome, i like it too.
awesome. I love it. :)

kitchenaid part
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Great plugins, thanks for sharing this.

Greetings from Bali
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thanks for the great plugin!
yeah is a great plugins, thanks to [link]
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Thank you so much!
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Awesome. I was looking all over the net for this. Thank you very much! :)
agree with you..
futuristic design
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