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Greycstoration Gimp plugin

This is a Gimp Plugin ( WINDOWS version)

This is the windows version of one of the best
denoising plugin, comparable with pricey SW as Noise Ninija or Neat Imagine

inside the file to install and as reference for the command the official guide BUT adapted to this version

(official guide use a terminology completely different from that of the basically was useless without a Rosetta Stone)

For most Windows user was lost, but not because was impossible find a download link...

Problem was mostly how was packed: the file for windows was mixed with those for the Linux and MAC version.

Almost hopeless for us windows user, and even most stubborn and courageous usually ended up by picking up the wrong of the 2 windows files

That because in the same zip were mixed also the file for a standalone windows version.

So i decides to offer a dedicated mirror,here you can't miss the right file, there is only one exe file inside the zip

Install is trivial,anyway a clear how to is included
(in the "IDIOTS NEVER READ THIS.txt" file)

In a separate folder there is a Guide
(builded on the official guide that was useless for the least without a Rosetta Stone)

Guide is only one page,but may be very handy

Happy gimpig

PS if interested to version for linux, or other OS, to the standalone version, or to the algorithm please refer to the developer side

EDIT added screenshoot to the Guide
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Please share tis plagin again. unfortunetly this link not found page now
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thank you!  I use this all the old one was deleted(!), you really are a lifesaver :)
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I was looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks Mate, You did awesome job by making this plugin :)
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yay! thank you for this ^^
all my pictures are all grainy (they're all scans >.>;) and i have a feeling ill be using this a lot
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thanks for another great plugin!
thank you so, so, so much! you're doing us GIMP-users a huge favor!!
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on the left of the image...on top there is full view, few lines below "download"
sorry for my retardation, but i dont see any file anywhere. maybe its just my account or something, but where is this file/link located?
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yes should be compatible

I will post the newer version of the gimp plugin (2.9) soon
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Is this compatible with vista???
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Thanks for this, :]
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is just a mirror ,hopefully more friendly for winfdows users
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