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Gimp-Python support easier



UPDATE 15 november 2008

I just update the content, to the last available versions

Note that Python can't be fully updated at the moment
The last Python version is 2.6.1 but the other libraries require Python 2.5.x ,best i can do is replace the previous version 2.5.0 with 2.5.2

Now the windows version of Gimp support also Python,..and there are a lot of useful gimp script written in that language

Install python for Gimp is not simple as double click on a single installer...but is not even too complex, you don't need to be rocket scientist to do it

And anyway this pack should make it even easier, because contain all that is needed, included a step by step how to

since windows user as me will never read something called " READ ME" before install something, how to is included in a file called
"IDIOTS NEVER READ THIS.txt" if you fail to read it, you are just insulting yourself, don't complain with me

Happy Gimping
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Please create a Linux installer too!