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UPDATE 28 October 2008

The very first version displayed a console, and that was no needed and possible cause of confusion

This is fixed now if you download before and you found disturbing that console please replace the file with this newer one


Filter Factory Converter

This is Windows version (for Windows Xp Vista) of the Gimp "User Filter" developed in the 1997 by Jens Restemeier, with the help Michael Johannhanwahr ( [link] ) for the decompiler code and the user-filter's optimization
recently resurrected and updated up to Gimp 2.6 by Torsten Neuer ( [link] ) and now compiled for windows by Francois Collard,

This plug-in enables

1) to use the vast number of existing Filter Factory filters

supported filters formats:

.8bf ( not all : not all 8bf are Filter Factory filters )
.afs – ( source file for Filter Foundry link )
.txt – ( source file for the Plugin Commander link )

(NOTE in this version 1500 filters already converted are included in the "GUF" folder inside the zip)

2) to create new effects without having to go through the process of learning how to write plug-ins for The Gimp first.

Another reason of interest is that the Filter Factory language (exactly a more flexible variant used by the Filter Meinster [link] )is still at the base of most of more recent
,powerful and flexible PS compatible filters, that can be used with gimp(with PSPI) as with any program that support PS plugin
(as most of graphic editor and image viewer avaiable for windows )

About the plugin name i renamed with something more related to its main functions ,(convert ,edit, use Filter Factory filters )
i hope a name as Filter Factory Converter will make the search for the plugin,( here in the registry, as on Google and in the user's Gimp menus), more easy

when installed the filter will be available in Filter/Generic/Filter Factory Converter

Useful link

Info and download of Filter Factory filters

1 [link]
2 [link]

Project page and source code
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Comments (2)
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Hy Fencepost there is already a update, i will post the updated pack in a few hour

BUT if you want use it not only to convert and organize
but also to edit and write new filters maybe you will NOT want update:

Update remove that black DOS style window that pop out before the plugin GUI and is full of cryptic warning

But that contain also debug messages that (maybe) could be useful when testing edited or new script

(But for most of end user that is only a nuisance and
should be other ways to collect same debug info)

Anyway when i will update the zip i will add a
Update on top of the comment
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Great resource, PC! Thanks for putting it all together.

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