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GIMP Wavelet- Decompose Win

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As usual this is a Plugin for the GIMP, more exactly a version compiled for Windows (Xp or Vista.. )

Plugin was created by Marcor, this version ,the last available at this moment was compiled by Francois Collard

Wawelet decompose may be useful for Noise reduction,Skin retouching,and to increase/modify the image Local Contrast

More details +" How to install and use", are in the included html file

For versions for other OS, source code , and contact the developer please refer to
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seems link is a 404 now... really could use a wavelet plugin for gimp 2.8.16
I just cannot get this downloaded and installed
Please help
Where is the plugin directory?
I am using Gimp 2.8 on windows and after downloading the wavelet to the plugin directory and reopening gimp all that I see is wavelet sharpen under filters/enhance...How and where do I get to the decomposing of layers...
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did u ever find a down load that would work? need it myself
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I have tried and tried to install this and nothing seems to work.  
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answering myself...I finally got it loaded!
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I have a question. How did you make background in the preview? Is it some kind of plugin ?
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Hem...corrected in the title remain the typo in the image script, i found only a flattened copy now, will be a hassle correct it
Sorry, but Wavelet not Wawelet :) Anyway it's excellent plug-in.
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That is right , i corrected the typo thanks for the heads up
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