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GAP2.4 For Gimp2.4 windows

Sept 2009 UPDATE

there is now a more recent version GAP 2.6, you better use that with gimp 2.6 [link]

Only reason to prefer this is that you have gimp 2.4 and you don't want upgrade

So this is still available but i move from the Gallery to the Scap pages, to minimize possible confusion

There is a fresh fix for a bug in "split image into frames" plugin
You may download the fix here [link]
(there only the fix , the installer is here ,first you have to install, then you may apply the fix)

[link] how to is included
Windows Installer for latest GAP ,the gimp animation package included a replacement for the Gap help files (= In the "Gap tutorial" folder you will find the most clear Guide to GAP that you may found written by Scott Bicknell (AC7ZZ)

And also in the other file the original documentation on GAP...not handy as a interactive help but inside there is everything you may need to know about GAP)

(Here with the Author permission)

installer is for windows, while the scripts in the "custom" script folder may be installed also in linux or MAC


installer , compiled by JamesH, is not official but anyway it will install the last official version of gap just by clicking on it

So just that will install the standard version of GAP 2.4

About Custom , all is in the other separate folder , the "Custom-ExtraScripts " folder, moving that scripts in your gimp script folder will add the Custom extras

So a "Standard" or Custom" install is up to the users

Please look the HOW TO file inside the zip for more info


The gimp developers and [link] that make gimp available
The developers of Gap
JamesH for the Gap windows installer

Saulgoode, Fenceposte,David Hary,Alexia Death,LIMN,Ky McPherson ,Michele Shalla, Fatal Edge the authors of the scripts included in the Custom-ExtraScripts folder

PhotoComix 6/2/2008

PS if you want use the illustration as CD/DVD cover you may need this version [link]
© 2008 - 2021 photocomix-resources
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whywon't gap download?
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can this work with gimp 2.8?
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Does it work for Linux?
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Thanks for the GAP
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GAP 2.6 for GIMP 2.6 on Windows XP see [link] ...
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Does this work for the mac?
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that sucks, i have vista.

when will this be available on GIMP 2.6 vista?
will it ever?

thanks :)
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Should work also with gimp 2.6
goombapatrol's avatar
wait, i thought you said 2.4 vista.
2.6 works?
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Is for gimp 2.6

i just made a error when adding text to the image
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I'm amazed again ..always coming up something new and exciting.

Thank you a a million times for all the time and energy you've put into GIMP. I have learned a lot form you.

Ate My Crayons
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Oh boy, forgot about that. I forget because I don't really use Windows as I've been Linux only for a couple of years. On Flickr, I spoke of my house flooding and I don't have my computer. Well, I am using a laptop from the hotel I'm in and it's got Windows on it. I haven't touched Windows OS in over 2 years.

Thanks for the reminder... going there now
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when install GAP don't forget to get this too

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