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Current Residence: Outer Space
Operating System: Windows xp, Ubutu Gutsy

Resources index

Wed Oct 15, 2008, 5:56 PM
PhotoComix-Resources for Gimp

List of resources available here is growing so is time to create a index

Gimp spare-parts
( Clones of default folder)

default brush for Gimp 2.6
default script for Gimp 2.6
default plugin for Gimp 2.6(windows)
default brush for Gimp 2.4
default script for Gimp 2.4
default plugin for Gimp 2.4(windows)

Special parts

Gimp Python Easier (windows)
(all what needed to add to gimp support for python plugin )

Virtual Pin 4 Gimp (-deskpins )
(a simple tool to pin windows on top, not only for gimp )

Gimp Plugins (all compiled for Windows xp-vista)

GAP (Gimp Animation Pack) 2.4
GAP bugfix files
MathMap 1.2.4
Greycstoration 2.9
Greycstoration2.9 ( Sse2 )
Exif_browser Plugin
HQ rescale Plugin for Gimp
Fix C.A (Fix Cromatic Aberration)
Refocus plugin-
DCamnoise-2 for Gimp -windows
Plasma2 for Gimp -windows
PSPI ( Gimp PS-plugin support )
Erase every row
Depthmap Generator for Gimp
Gimp UnsharpMask2
(Lost+Found) Gimp Freetype
(Lost+Found ):Gimp batch DPB

FOR MATHMAP (1.2.x til 1.3.x )

MathMap Custom Script MathMap custom script 2:1 by photocomix-resources
MathMap custom script 2:1 MathMap custom script 2:1 by photocomix-resources

Note both mathmap custom script packs are included in windows  version of mathmap 1.2.4
some are now included in the official MM 1.3.x (only for Linux )

Much more soon


GIMP Contrast Mask Script by fence-post Tech-Style Background in GIMP by fence-post GIMP Powertoning Script by fence-post
GIMP Spinning Cube Script by fence-post GIMP Satin Script by fence-post GIMP Ocean Text Scripts by fence-post
Retro Background Script by fence-post Lord of the Rings Script by fence-post Tech-Style Background Scripts by fence-post


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PhotoComix, a lot of people are wondering about you today. A few of us have been wondering for quite some time now. You are greatly missed and I pray that all is well and you make your back to us. 
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Hi thanks for the gap :)
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Thank you PC for the cool tute and how to get a working copy of Python. woo hoo
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hi dude look i got a problem i downloaded the winrar file of GAP i have them all but i dont know where to put them can you help me quick please ? . thanks .
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