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List of resources available here is growing so is time to create a index Gimp spare-parts ( Clones of default folder) default brush for Gimp 2.6 default script for Gimp 2.6 default plugin for Gimp 2.6(windows) default brush for Gimp 2.4 default script for Gimp 2.4 default plugin for Gimp 2.4(windows) Special parts Gimp Python Easier (windows) (all what needed to add to gimp support for python plugin ) Virtual Pin 4 Gimp (-deskpins ) (a simple tool to pin windows on top, not only for gimp ) Gimp Plugins (all compiled for Windows xp-vista) GAP (Gimp Animation Pack) 2.4 GAP bugfix files MathMap 1.2.4 Greycstoration 2.9 Greycst
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Well the idea of Photocomix resources is just to make things a bit easier for Gimp users, ... now the Gimp plugin Registry is resurrecting but still some of the best Gimp script and plugin are quite hard to trace, well i can't help to organize a Archive but i thought a good idea to mirror the best and hard to trace script and plugin here . That is mostly useful for who use Windows XP or Vista because are the Windows version usually the most difficult to find, ( i found some on giaponise or chinese side that are hard to browse for european ) I'm not ,neither i want give the impression to be the developer, (you will find always a link to the
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2022 come back home

PhotoComix, a lot of people are wondering about you today. A few of us have been wondering for quite some time now. You are greatly missed and I pray that all is well and you make your back to us. 
Hey how've you been? (Prob don't remember me by this username, maybe mikethedj4 would ring a bell)
Hi thanks for the gap :)
Thanks for Gap and the Extras!
thanks for the gap
Happy Birthday :) :cake:!!!