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Pinball woman

street shot: San Francisco, HWY 1.
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u capture a beautiful moment with a cool composition.. very well done... :thumbsup:
a-day-in-the-life's avatar
the fun thing to do is to look into the reflection and try to find out what she's looking at. cool shot.
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Thanks, I appreciate the comment and fav.
knuta's avatar
Another cool oldie, possibly from before I was born ('75)? Looks like there were no round corners back then, even on pinball machines. The man looking your way is a nice detail.

Keep 'em coming! :)
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Thanks for stopping by and enjoying one the old ones!
Junkbondtrader's avatar
i like this, the feeling that is in the shot is good.
photoart1's avatar
Thanks for enjoying the image.
Gonzale's avatar
i like her expression
the mood
the guy looking at you create a strange thing too.
ingrid-fabiola's avatar
ah, great shot! just love it. her look, the colours. mmm.
photoart1's avatar
Thanks so much.
Photo-Moe's avatar
very nice shot, the colours are good... but you took it some years ago, didn't you?
photoart1's avatar
Yes I did. Probably around 1975?
MegaGryphon's avatar
pinball machines fuuuun! :D
"She's a pinball wizard
That's got to be a twist"

haha, funny. anyways, good picture. I love pinball!!
photoart1's avatar
such a supple wrist................................
iLgRAM's avatar

i love the colors, i love the fact this shot came from the past...i love her expression, the framing...the reflections...and the guy on the background...

she's beautiful, and you caught all her beauty...

absolutely great.
photoart1's avatar
Thanks for seeing so much in this image.
zort's avatar
its one of those old negatives - right? i like those pure colors... and the fact that the guy is watching... ;)
thecornflakemonster's avatar
The dim light on the window makes her in focus, yet the background darker. The colours of the shop frame this so well. You have SUCH talent and eye.
photoart1's avatar
Thanks for watching and commenting!
thecornflakemonster's avatar
You're so welcome, i think all your work is phenominal.
si-monty's avatar
Great colours, great expression captured, she seems sad maybe or very thoughtful. The guy in the background looks sort of mysterious and haunting too. I really like it this photograph.
photoart1's avatar
Thanks for the comment.
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