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Welcome to Photo-n-Art-Lovers

We are a group that loves to show off you work. Each month we Feature members' artwork for all to enjoy.

If you wish to join, we ask that you read rules that we have for submissions before hand, as by hitting the "Join Our Group" button means you fully accept the rules we have.

Please read...
Photo-n-Art-Lovers... The Rules!
This is something that I really don't want to do, but feel there is a need to.
From now on, no images that are produced by AI will be permitted or accepted.
I am sorry that I have to take this action, but I wish to showcase works of artist and photographers that have done the work by themselves. I am of the view that if one uses an AI system to produce an image, it is not your own work, and I am concerned that AI generated images may be a breach of an artist's copyrights or intellectual property.
So from this date, all AI generated imagery will be rejected, with no warning or reason given. This will be the only notice regarding the subject of AI generated imagery.
Thank you for your understanding. And If you have any concerns, please message me privately and I will be happy to listen and address them.
James McMillan - Sybaristail
Founder of Photo_n_Art_Lovers
Posted April 3rd, 2023 at 0522 hrs GMT
Welcome to Photo-n-Art-Lovers!


We have just a few rules here.  Please follow them.

1. - Enjoy the submissions.  No bashing the artists.  If there is a problem, deal with it privately.

2. - If you wish to submit items to any category, make sure they are "clean" images.  That being images that are modest.  No provocative gestures or postures.  They cannot contain nudity or pornography.  Also, please no fetish photos or other such art forms of an immodest nature.  Further no profanity; not in the image, its title or description.  There are millions of words that can better express yourself and your art than crude curses, swearing, vulgarity or other profanity. Additionally, NO usage of alcohol, tobacco, vaping or any drugs, legal or illegal will be permitted in the images. No graphically mature, bloody or gruesome images.

We are a family friendly group.  If your image and language is going to offend people, we don’t want it.  If it is something that you wouldn't want children getting in to or doing, we don't want it. So put it somewhere else, just not here.  Remember to keep it clean.

3. - All photographs from digital cameras must contain the EXIF file.  If the image is scanned from an analog photograph, negative or slide we ask that you supply in the camera model, make and type with any other information you can give, if possible.  If nothing else, state in your description the source and method of digitalizing the image for us to enjoy.

We ask for this information for reasons of preventing submission of stolen images and also for educational reasons.  People, like myself, use this information to learn more about the photo, how it was taken and use such information from the EXIF to learn and become better photographers.

4. - Do not submit items you know are copies of others’ work (professional or otherwise.)  This includes work that was posted without the owner’s permission, or work that has been photo manipulated without the consent of the owner or not purchased as stock or free stock.   Breech of copyright is not acceptable in the slightest degree and is immoral.  You don't need to infringe on an artist's rights to enjoy their work.  If you do break this rule, by submitting others artwork as your own, you will be booted from the group, blocked and reported to the Admins of DeviantArt and to the artist you stole from.  Final.

If you do use another artists work as stock, make sure you have the direct link to the page you obtained it from in your remarks on the work you have submitted.  If you purchased it, state that you bought it and again, make sure you have a direct link to the page you obtained it from in your remarks on the work you have submitted.  If it is your own personal stock that you are using, make sure you say it and if you have it on the web somewhere, like DeviantArt, provide the link, please.

Please, do not submit any images that are tracings / copies / sketches / etc. from colouring books' line art, photographic works of others or other sources that are protected by copyright or intellectual property rights.  It does not matter if you colour them, or use them for an image reference.  We don't want such items as they are a breach of copyright or intellectual property.  Additionally, they are NOT a demonstration of your ability or creativity as an artist.  We look for your original works.  We do accept your interpretations of such works as "Fan Art" but the work must be all yours and be original.

Breach of an Artist's Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights is illegal and will not be tolerated in the slightest degree.  If you see such violations, report it promptly and help stamp out those that are TALENTLESS ART THIEVES!

5. – Please submit your best and completed works.  No doodles.  We want to see and showcase your work and your potential as a fellow artist.  To do this, we want to only show your best.  And the "Featured" folder is for the very best of all that we artists do.

6. - When you submit your work, make sure that it is being submitted in the right folder.  If you have used up all the submissions you have for that folder, it does not mean you can dump it in another folder.  Wait till the next day or submissions cycle.  If you do submit to the wrong folder, we will reject the image.  If you don't know which folder to place it, ask the group administration here.  We are very willing to help you.  Just ask and we will help you.

7. -What are the rules regarding each submission folder?

Featured – this folder is only for images that are the very best.  Images placed in this folder are done by request of the Admins of the group.  If we really like your image, we will submit a request to you to place it here.  It will also be for winners of any future contests.  Please don’t submit works here.  Admin of this group personally select works to be displayed here.

Man Made Technology and Devices – this folder is for any item that is machinery or other man-made devices.  Airplanes, cars, tractors, tools, machinery and the likes.

Anthro and Furry – items to be placed in this folder are to be images of animals with human characteristics / behaviours (Anthropomorphic) or persons in fursuits.  It is for the Furry Fandom.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  (Refer to rule #2.)

Uplifting and Faith – is for items are to be of one’s religion, and are to be positive.  They can be of an event, of buildings of worship or places that are of religious importance.  They should be a testimony of one’s faith to your god, by whatever name you know them by.

Nature - this is for plants, mushrooms, small rock formations, crystals, etc.; nature in general.  It is not for landscapes or any other kind of 'scapes.  Also, animals and birds do not go here, nor macro images.

Animal Kingdom II – simply if the creature is on four legs or more, wings or fins, they go here.  They are to be images of real creatures; no fantasy creatures here.

No humans please.  They are just so weird with their two legs and hairless bodies.

*Please note that Sybaristail is very fond of big cats, especially lions!  

Macro – if it is an image from a camera in macro mode or with a macro lens it is here it belongs.  Also other works of drawings or the likes of small subjects with great details.   These images are to be highly focused photography.  If it is a bug or close up of a flower or other item, it goes here.

People – if the image is of human beings it goes here, this includes, portrait or some casual scene of someone.  It is not for cosplay or other costume wearing.  If it is Cosplay, or persons wearing costumes, please submit to the Cosplay and Fan Art folder.  However, if it is fursuiting, please submit to the Antho and Furry folder.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  (Refer to rule #2.)

Sci-fi and Fantasy – is for those images that are from the world of imagination includes Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and the likes.  If it Science Fiction or Fantasy in nature we like it here.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  (Refer to rule #2.)

*Please note that Sybaristail loves Star Trek!  

Abstract ‘n’ Surreal – if your image is abstract or surreal in nature… it goes here.  This would include fractal images and the likes.

Scapes  II –  If the image is of a large area like a mountain range, a city, streets, night sky, the ocean side, parks or the likes, please put it here.

Still Life – is just for photos that are of an inanimate object.  E.g. a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, a doll, a piece of horse-riding equipment.  This generally being smaller items, but can be of a larger area like a room.  Basically, you are doing a study of an item or enclosed area.

Cosplay and Fan Art – if it is some sort of art form you are paying homage to another artist's work, e.g. … The Lion King, Loony Toons, Anime, etc. you will want it here.  It would be for stuff that would not be Science Fiction or Fantasy in nature, but is known by the world at large.  It is also for images of Cosplay or persons wearing costumes.  Please remember to keep the images clean and non-provocative in nature.  Please remember this is a family friendly group.  (Refer to rule #2.)

Architecture and Sculpture – if it of a building, statue, fountain, or memorial, it goes here.  So long as it is a structure used as a building or decoration made humans it would fall here.

URBEX– is for those folks that go into the old decaying structures to show us how cool they look.  Be it a factory, hospital, military base, house, barn, we like them here.

Smartphone Snaps - this is for your quality snaps that you have taken with your smartphone or tablet.  If you take a picture with the camera of your iPhone or iPad or other smart device it now goes here.

**All folders are not limited to photography, digital photo manipulation, traditional works, etc.  They are welcome in every folder.  Most folders accept up to a maximum of two entries per day.

*** We do not accept any pixel art or icon art pieces in any of the folders.

8. - We no longer accept work with large watermarks or oversized artist marks. This includes the DeviantArt watermarks.  If you use watermarks or an artist mark or signature, keep it small and unobtrusive as to let your artwork / photo speak for itself.

9. – If you disagree with the reason your image has been rejected, we understand that you may be unhappy.  We respectfully ask that you respect our reasons for saying “no” and not argue with us on our say.  Abuse is not tolerated.  We ask that if there is a reason for concern on your part, don’t fire back your concerns in a blind fit of rage.  Please wait to send your concerns.  Allow yourself to respond in a calm and mature nature.  And please understand, when we tell you why we have rejected an item you have submitted it is only to give a reason, as most submission groups on DeviantArt don’t.  The reason for the rejection is not personal, so don’t make it personal.  We do it to help you grow and become a better artist.

10. - We wish to encourage art work and help each other become better artists and photographers.  We strongly encourage good honest feedback to all fellow deviants, and if asked for by the artist; good and honest critiques, not fluff.  And for those that have images rejected, we will do are best to inform you as to why, and will do so privately.  We will also do our best to provide you with ways to make it better, if we can, so you can develop into a better artist.  If you don't hear from us, please drop a note and we will gladly inform you as to why.  Just include a link to the image, so we can better help you out.

Your fellow deviant,
Sybaristail -  
James McMillan
Founder of Photo ‘n’ Art-Lovers, and fellow photographer.

modified January 15, 2020 05:15 hrs GMT
Important Notice

Starting January 15th, 2020, all photos submitted must have the EXIF data connected to the image.  If the EXIF is not present, your image will be rejected.  If you are submission does contain you camera and settings in the description of the photo, but not the EXIF, we will accept the image.  If the image is a scanned photograph, you will now have to state that you scanned and what equipment was used.

Again, no EXIF information will mean your image will be rejected.  You will be informed as to why the rejection, as we have since the start of this, our group, but the image will be rejected until the EXIF data is united and visible, or the EXIF / camera settings are placed in the photo’s description.

Why is this happening?  It has everything to do with image piracy.  I have discovered that a number of photographs have been submitted without this data are in fact stolen images from legitimate photographers.  As you know, we have a zero tolerance policy to art theft.  To date, we have to block a large number of “so called” artist as disciplinary action.  Also many photographers, including me, use the EXIF data to learn more about the image, and they appreciate the chance to learn how you took the image.  We also use that EXIF data to become better photographers.

Again, it is January 15th, 2020 that this policy will be in effect.  We will remind you if your image is missing and of the new policy if your photo does not have the EXIF data.

Here are some examples of EXIF information displayed on DeviantArt.

Camera Data
Make    NIKON
Model    COOLPIX B700
Shutter Speed    1/250 second
Aperture    F/5.6
Focal Length    117 mm
ISO Speed    140
Date Taken    Sep 17, 2019 2:07:02 PM -06:00
Software    Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)

Camera Data
Model  NIKON D300
Shutter Speed  10/1600 second
Aperture  F/6.3
Focal Length  10 mm
Date Taken  Jul 27, 2008, 4:19:09 PM

Thank you for you kind understanding on this matter.

Sybaristail - :meow:
James McMillan
Founder of Photo ‘n’ Art Lovers
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