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Badlands Sunset by KrisVlad
Badlands Sunrise by KrisVlad
Rocky Mountain Milky Way by KrisVlad
Bear Lake Overlook by KrisVlad
Dramatic Compositions
Smoke by nikongriffin
Corpach Shipwreck by newcastlemale
Deep In Unwilling Sleep  (WAB0139) by WayneBenedet
DISSECTION by wiebkerost
Scenic Compositions
Horizons desire by OlivierAccart
Golden Beach by ANNGEINROGER
The Buachaille by newcastlemale
subtle brilliance by prettyflour
Night and Low Light
Illuminated by AnthonyPresley
Horses by P-a-i-k-e-a
Ship of stones by KlaraDrielle
Electric Wonder by AnthonyPresley
Panning and Speed
Neural crossroads by OlivierAccart
Ice Spell by wiebkerost
Scooter Time by perigunawan
Water Motion by JoseMelim
Macro and Close Up
Img 8009-2 by momcilo
Phootographics games. by AlejandroCastillo
Mystic Water by Spiritofdarkness
Ignition VII by AlejandroCastillo
Minimalist Compositions
Desert et nature by KlaraDrielle
Wintergrau by wiebkerost
reflection? by uosiek1
Waves by uosiek1
Back Light
In the woods by OlivierAccart
Lola by Kaslito
Spider Shadow by wiebkerost
Burning Evening by OlivierAccart
Bokeh Compositions
flowers made of bokeh by prettyflour
I keep my eye on you by uosiek1
Black Lenten Rose by wiebkerost
a trail of light by prettyflour
Side Lights
in the sunrays by uosiek1
Camellia Flower by wiebkerost
Radiance (a golden morning) by OlivierAccart
One passenger by BoySputnik
Black and White
A Rainy Day by the River by JoseMelim
HDR Compositions
Growing Hope II by Spiritofdarkness
Sepia and Infared
Stories on the Wall II by Spiritofdarkness
Long Exposure
Need for infinite by OlivierAccart
Dzwierszno Male Sunset by skywalkerdesign
Colorful Compositions
Painted Hunger (WAB7500) by WayneBenedet
Reindeers in Lapland by JoycelynSiew
It's too cold outside for angels to fly by AutumnIulia





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Welcome to Photo-Logic-Sense!

Below are some guidelines set forth for members when submitting artwork. We request that you read and following the guidelines in order to avoid having your artwork declined, as well as, requiring the admins of the group to spend more time than necessary.

:bulletblue: We accept only Photography. No overly/highly photomanipulations please...
:bulletblue: The art must demonstrate a basic level of understanding of current photography techniques (i.e. composition, exposure, main focal point/subject matter, focus/sharpness, intentional lens blur, Depth of Field "DoF", HDR, etc.).
:bulletblue: Please pay close attention to which gallery you are submitting your artwork to avoid an immediate decline. We understand that based on our current categorization of our galleries, that some art may potentially fit into one or more galleries. If you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to take a few moments to look at the artwork in the galleries to get a better feel for which would be the best fit for your artwork. Please note that we are in the process of updating gallery definitions for better clarification.
:bulletred: Nudity and/or art that focuses on the human body/form: First and foremost, we reserve the right to accept or decline works of this nature, as much of it is subjective, however, as a general rule, we currently do not accept art that contains explicit nudity (specifically, those works that show [female] breasts/nipples, and/or genitalia of either males or females).
:bulletred: Absolutely no artwork will be accepted that contains, implies, suggests, or connotes any type of sexually offensive situations, violence/acts, or racism.

:D Please submit your best works, as those are the ones you’d like to see yourself.

Folder Classifications:

Featured –only admins are allowed to submit their favorites in this folder

Light Direction
  • Back Light
  • Night and Low Light
  • Side Lights

  • Bokeh Compositions
  • Colorful Compositions
  • Dramatic Compositions
  • HDR Compositions
  • Minimalist Compositions
  • Panorama
  • Scenic Compositions

  • Black and White
  • Sepia and Infrared

Camera Techniques
  • Long Exposure
  • Macro and Close Up
  • Panning and Speed


Miscellaneous: if you find it rather difficult to categorize your work to one of the above folders then it’s preferable to choose this gallery. This will alert the admins to pay close(r) attention to the image overall and if needed, allow us to move the artwork into the more appropriate category.

About our voting system: In order for your submitted photo to be accepted into the galleries and favorites, it must currently receive at least 2 votes. In the event there is a tie, a third vote is required. This is to ensure that your image has been fairly evaluated on all aspects and provides for the group to showcase what we feel represents the best of your work, as well as, upholding the group's high level of diversified art. Please note that because of our current voting system, that it may take some time before a decision is made. So please do not be discouraged by this. Also, should your work be declined, we encourage you to contact us for feedback. We will do our very best to provide you with honest and constructive feedback.

We look forward to your submissions!

the year is running out and therefor we want to make a big feature,
to say thank you for being in our group.
from each folder we pick up 10 works,
I can tell you, it is a hard work to come to a desicion,
but last not least here are 160 beautiful photos


playground by schnotte Red III by OlgaAthens modern dance by mariostheologis
Ineffable Mysteries by VerticalDubai Valentino by RodikVeron Teleportation by bosniak
:thumb291504719: Falco tinnunculus by RichardConstantinoff Still Keep's walking... by itsmejegan
metropolis mountains by scheinbar


First spring sunset by Jorapache Tribe of Circle by alexandre-deschaumes Misty Morning.. by M-Atif-Saeed
Cool awakening by Capturing-the-Light Vikos Canyon by sui400 Sleeping boats II by Chris-Lamprianidis
Northumberland Woodland by newcastlemale Lumsdale Waterfall 4 by MichaelJTopley
... and the waves whisper by LindelCaine

night and lowlight

:thumb312965285: The autumn is coloured by pingallery Red, White, and Blue by KrisVlad
Brinkburn Priory by newcastlemale Abandoned under Aurora by wchild Super Moon Rising by V-Light
Singapore's Dawn II by eduardj Guangzhou Museum by WiDoWm4k3r Tradition and Modernity by gnohz
Postcard from Erg Chebbi 01 by JACAC

panning and speed

Autumnal Abstraction by KeldBach Gone with the Red by WorldsInWorld When September Ends by KrisVlad
encore une by cahilus I miss home by artdejohn Hipster by djailledie
Inside Canal Taxi by David-Will Tower Bridge by NachoRomero Thrill of Speed by Shoayb
Ghost Town Lx - Part 1 by jpgmn

macro and closedup

White-Faced Owl by SarahVlad :thumb321288450: :thumb342472280:
:thumb326085228: Autumn mushroom by hubert61 Dining Together by InayatShah
:thumb310466722: Blue Fire by Angie-Pictures Till morning light by LiveInPix
Leaf Cutting Bee by AlHabshi


Vision of Silence by kyrneucciu Mists of Krakatoa by Pharaun333 Lonely by KrisVlad
On The River by Canankk red tulip by augenweide
Balance by GeorgeSiamanis Children story by MikkoLagerstedt Red Poppies by sara-nmt
Architecture talk by CarlosBecerra

back light

Back Home Before Sunset by Hassan9 Voice of silence by Figolina Unlimited Stunts by adamcroh
:thumb255545578: :thumb39112236: Phan Thiet - Viet Nam by hoangnamphoto
Into the Light by Ananyana :thumb215878122: Hurry, the Storm is Coming by LindelCaine
Hurry, the Storm is Coming by LindelCaine


Nuits de Juin by Morgan-Lou Snails garden by meganjoy Not All That Glitters... by KeldBach
:thumb268995185: midnight reading by hyouro :thumb290182990:
Little Bottle by khrmnens :thumb340737038: :thumb264063854:
:: lumilicious :: by hellfirediva

side lights

At the Window by LindelCaine Yael by DaniBabitz Ballerina by Laura-Ferreira
Shadowplay by OlgaAthens

Mature Content

touch by ChrisKora
Malandain V by DianaGrigore
Katarina by UrosKrunic :thumb285214136: :thumb170042083:
Colorized Waxing Crescent by Rapierr

black and white

:thumb274362620: The sea shells by Vlad-Off-kru Mount Haramosh 7409m.. by M-Atif-Saeed
Heiligenstadt I by Zouberi Death of Creativity by ooOIndreOoo i have found intersection to heaven by ateist-kleranty
:thumb102770549: Abseil by DTherien :thumb287816245:
secret by detail24


:thumb330611820: *A s a m k i r c h e* Munich by erhansasmaz bonguour chez vous by shitpitcher
ouhans by shitpitcher plastique by shitpitcher gourmande34 by shitpitcher
Liverpool, coast, HDR by psycho-infinity Chevrolet Corvette C2 Sting Ray 1966 by pingallery The Window by Muskeg
Round Corners by Spiritofdarkness

sepia and infrared

In and Out by Olga-Zervou Rondo Veneziano... by denis2 Wondering by GregoriusSuhartoyo
The One by DimensionSeven summertime by latoday Threave IR 1 by Okavanga
Solar Flare by IngoSchobert Secret Life Of Ghost Trees III by DavidCraigEllis