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Digital Darkroom : Curves

By photo-class
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Hello fellow readers,

Today's tutorial has been designed and written by :iconpecchio: with a couple additions and the traditional ~photo-class layout from ~roy204.

It is an introduction to the concept and usage of the "Curves" tool in Adobe® Photoshop® and other popular image editing picks. We hope you find this useful, it is mostly for beginners although you may always find out things you didn't know... ;)

As always let us know what you think, and feel free to add any comments on the content, add your own tips or correct any mistake or misconception you spot.

Have fun!
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Thank you so much for taking the time to create this very wonderful and useful tutorial! :clap: :thumbsup:
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thanks!! i didnt think i could understand that mystical thing called curves in ps unless i reached enlightenment.:)and yet you made it seem simple!!
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This is very helpful. :D I've been looking for a tutorial on curves that would be easy to understand. I've been searching the internet and they're all just hard to understand. :D Thanks for posting this one. Great help. xD Heheh. I like how you cut it in three parts. That made me understand it better since I could associate the mid tones, bright, shadows, with the levels tool. :)

Thanks again for the awesome tutorial. :hug:
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Wonderful tutorial!

very useful!! tks!!
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I never knew Photoshop could do this. Thanks.

I have been recently manipulating my photos with curves, though before now I didn't know they were called curves. I've been using a program that came with my camera. There I get to manipulate the Red, Green, Blue, and RGB curves. I move the Red, green, blue up and the RGB in the oposite direction so I get both the bottom two of the three major curves you show in your tutorial. Seems to make the colors brighter in a desired way without doing much else. What exactly am I doing?


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The yearbook staff that I'm on right now could really benefit from using this for some of our pictures!
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Fantastic tutorial, I can't thank you enough! I've certainly played with Curves before, but have never used nor understood anchor points! This is extremely helpful for me, using dramtic lighting in my nudes!
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This was really helpful, and easy to follow :clap:
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Thanks, that helped a lot!
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Cool, there was a day that i was going to try that tool to see what was its use...
Then I got my image all ugly xD
And since then I've never used it again huahua...

But now i'll try it again \o/
I've favorited it, but not here in DA, i've favorited in my browser! =)

Thanks, and congrats for a job very well done!
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Awesome! Now I know what that think is for!
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Very nice indeed. Really given me the confidence to go and play around with the tool, and it's really useful. Thanks for sharing!
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cool idea.
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Shame on DA... took a year to recognise the work from photoclass group
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oh! thanks.
a lot :)
i'm looking at it ... right now
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Thanks! It worked just how I suspected from playing with it all these years
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Very useful, thanks for covering this.
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Nothing new to me really, but a good tutorial anyway. Indeed, one of the most important tools.
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i :heart: you. i've been wondering how that reaaaaly worked for aaaaages. ;)
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have read through the article, is really nice
haven't used that tool before, but i will deffinately practice:) thanx:D
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Ok my juice for the tutorial:

Alt+click the grid, it will get finer. Better for precise adjustments.

Use the pencil mode for drawing curves by hand. It helps at experimenting with different values.

Otherwise quite solid.
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looking back at this, now i've realized that this really is a very brief intro to curves
but its still nice anyways.
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Heh, i like that
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