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Dead Group? Submisisons never seem to get passed "suggested". 
Can someone give me an explanation as to why my submission has been declined ? It clearly follows your own guidelines and rules.

Hi, can you tell me why my work was declined?

Thank you!

PS: If it is connected to this rule:

"The submission period is from the 10th to the 17th each month."

Then I highly recommend putting that information on the group's main page, because that is really essential.
Because it is not clear from the main page that such rules are existing.

When you write:
"For more detailed information read our full group rules."

This sounds totally optional, not obligatory.
But once you click on that link, the article says:

Which is clearly obligatory. I hope you see the logical conflict.
Since nobody bothers to give me some feedback on this issue, I consider this group dead.
No worries they might just have a bad taste. I think your photo is great. I like the contrast, composition, light and colors. I will also leave this group (again).
Thanks for the encouragement!
I guess the group is dead anyway.....
My submissions were declined without any comment, despite the fact that they are better than most of what i've seen in butterflies... this must be a joke... anyway i leave this group...