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I am still around and kicking unfortunately I have not been doing a lot of art.  That is about to change, several projects have been inspiring me and I am going through some life changes that will make more time available/scheduled for the art making process.  

I will be updating photos soon, not sure how much longer I will be doing this project though...

I did want to promote my other projects though, check'm out if you wish

Food blog:

Art/lit/found art zine blog:
This one is still a little thin but it will be coming around soon.

There is one more but it is still in development stage…

keep on doing what you do!
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just catching up on the uploading... hope you all enjoy
I am going a week with depriving my self from reading, you can see the blog post here
I wanted to let you all know that I am still around and have stared to make art again. I had a dry spell with all the crap that had gone on last year of my life. I will be posting some new self-portraits shortly, just been slacking on keeping up with the posting access of the project.  

I have been a bit busy with my once neglected blog.  Been writing about art, creativity and food along with life and the what evers.  please feel free to check it out here if you would like!  be great if you said hi!
I am fast approching the 5th year of this project, and I want to thannk everyone who has supported me and said nice things about this challenging endevor.  it means a lot! I am contimplating the end when i reach 5 year but i am not sure as of yet.  I am hoping to up the quality of the creative side of the project for the time being and really focus on doing things well and not as a "oh shit, I have to take a photo" as it feels sometimes.  

I dont often fav from this accout but here are some favs that i did do from you all:

alone in the street by carrolsmith bench by LittleCuteWitch me first by burningheretic Creature Of Light + Darkness 6 by SeaWhisper July 25, 2009 by DailyPictograph
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ok, 120 photos later, I am all caught up, what a job it was!  my goal is to have more interesting photos and get them up in a timely manner to boot.  Wish me luck!

also I would love to thank every one who faved some of my shots and welcome to all the new people following me!

you are all awesome!
ok, 70+ in a day is getting a little over kill for you all, will finish catching up later...

I need a beer!

oh, just upgraded to premium member, has help a lot!
not sure way i procrastinate in getting my photos up but i do, it bugs me because it makes it hard to do it eventually but i am going to make a go of it this weekend, month by month it will be done!

hope you all still enjoy the project!

feel free to leave comments and questions if you have them!

i am way behind, need to start to up date this with all the photos i have but have neglected to upload...
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the last month(s) have been a colmination of work and work and work.  however it has been the 9-5 type that isn't the 9-5 type at all.  more like the 7-7 where you add up hours to the 60+ range and then you get nothing else done couse you are so f'ng tired.  the ot is nice (new computer) but the missed time is an issue.  thank god it is done for the time being...

to check out more what i have been doing, look at my blog, you know you want to!

I will be uploading photos soon!
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yes, this is the worst behind yet on uploading photos.  me bad!

life has been a bit busy as of late, if you wish you can read about it at my blog

Edit: caught up through march, I think i will brake up the rest in two upload sessions.  it gets to be a lot to do in one sitting, plus the sun came out so i am going to go outside for a bit...
I have a drawing that was published in the American Artist Magazine, you can read about it here
in minneapolis, i just want to say i am ok

thanks for your concern
i am a bit behind uploading images, hope to catch up today and tomorrow.  watch out, a lot coming!
I am taking questions from every(any)one for the month of April and will answer all them in order i get them.  please see my blog here for more detail  I will  be posting then at my blog also,  the first one is up
i like to thank everyone for you nice comments and support as i have undergone this conceptual art project, it has been fun and challenging these past two years.  

as a marker of the two year anniversery i was going to write a new standard discription of the project and update my web page discription of it also.  however i got a call from my mom yesterday at 10am and she told me that my grandma was on the vergue of death, i took off and went to the nursing home to meet up with my mom.  last rights were given at about 12:30 and shortly after all of my grandma's kids, grandkids, and great-grandchild got there, she passed at 3:17.  she was 90, but it still hurts to know she is gone.  

to get to the point, i will be updating some of this stuff at a later date.

again, thanks for your support

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i am fustrated, i can't up-load anything at the moment, hopefull da will get there bugs fixed soon.
While I am thinking of it...

feel free to go see my Art . Garage . Sale here I am trying to catch up on some bills so i am offering some of my small paintings at very afforable prices.  Nothing over 40$, i may add some more soon.
this last month or so has been a real peice of shit drama filled and crappy.  if you know someone that you really don't like, respect, trust, and is generaly toxic, follow your gut and stay away even if that person dates a close friend.

i am planning on getting back on track with my art and new job search and work hard at improving my self and the people a care for.  

on a side note, the photo a day project is coming close to its two year marker.  i am not sure if i should do something special or not.  any thoughts?
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wow, i am 11 days behind up-loading.  this is due to computer (hard drive issues) problems and having to back up everything before it was all lost.  

to make the problem even worse, our parrot was very sick and after several weeks and a ton of cash they found a tumor in her vent that had to be removed, she is feeling better for now.  (see a photo of the both of us april 28th, 2006) hopefuly this is the end of trouble and i can get back on focus...

the good thing is, i have not missed a day in all this...