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Saving the Prince

Illustration for Hans Christian Andersen's the Little Mermaid
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koibitoryu's avatar
REally like this piece. The first I encountered the original story was during a class on children's literature. Like how you can see movement even though the scene is stationary.
CharlotteSketches's avatar
This is so beautiful. I love it.
MaidenSwordStudios's avatar
Love the creativity in this, ten thumbs up! Meow :3 
My absolute favorite of yours!!!
oh my god this is Michaelagelo levels of amazing holy shit 0_0 that water distorting the light against the mermaid's body and the shape of the torso and hands, this is just so breathtaking. Well done!
NaokoElric2250's avatar
Ah, finally one from the original :).
Wickfield's avatar
Wow, this is really cool. You did a great job!
DemoiselleDreamer's avatar
Simply stunning and a version we don't usually see.
Ooh, the colours are beautiful! I love your take on this fairy tale :)
this is gorgeous. she looks so strong.
Merion's avatar
Maybe the best interpretation of those I've seen.
aberry89's avatar
oh man, your brilliant!

I will be happy with mermaids in any way, but you really give a new fresh look to this fairy tale. You did such a great job with the weightlessness of the prince in the water and how gentle she is sorta catching him, it's just so brilliant!!!
EmeraldKeefe's avatar
This is lovely, this story is rather depressing though...
LadyRosefire's avatar
Stunning visuals. I especially like the contrast coloring of above and under the water.
FloridaBrian's avatar
this is absolutely stunning! Great work :-)
FloridaBrian's avatar
This is astounding. I just love the tone of the piece, and I think it represents the mood for the story. Great job :D
prosper06's avatar
This is really incredible. The water feels so.. solid- like an underwater camera. Keep up the lovely work!
Sunshine-tapir's avatar
Beautiful! The perspective is very nice.
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