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July 11, 2013
Featured by alexandrasalas
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Mario Still Life

By Photia
Due to popular demand, I've made this into a print on my Etsy page. Check it out here:

Since making mock classical paintings is kind of my thing, I thought it would be fun to branch out from portraiture. It occurred to me that Mario had a lot of vegetables and flowers, such as may be found in a regular old-fashioned still life, and so I painted this. Every single thing in this painting came from a Mario game - even the vase.
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Absolutely beautiful! This is what happens when a classically trained artist who has spent many years studying and practicing to become a master, decides to use their skills to do tasteful fan art for a video game. This is so tasteful, that even though it's fan art, you could hang it in your living room and it would look appropriate within that room of the house. Magnificent work!

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This is so wholesome Hug 
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Very clever.  Never thought to use these items in such a casual still life.  Neat.
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Heh sorry if I'm being weird favoriting all your still lifes, but they're just so pleasing to look at! 
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mmm mmm mmm, I have to say, you put a lot of life into these power ups(and piranha plant, and koopa shell...and coins); it's as if they exist in the real world. Rating of over 9000/10 :D
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I love this. It's so...tangible. I feel like I could lift the 1UP half right off the screen.
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Cannot look at the Mario items in the same way again!
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I like it. I bet Brentlfloss would love it if he saw it. He would be like this. Dr. Mario Dance Icon 
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This makes me feel like kid again 8,D This just have something that makes me think how awesome my childhood with mario was :D And still is
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I want to frame this and hang it on my wall.
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You've captured the childhood joy of Mario and made it delicious. Power me up!
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that's  amazing!!
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Is the Piranha Plant counting as life of stillness?
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I love Nintendo. This still-life is really amusing.
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Love it! This is amazing done!
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This is really creative and awesomely drawn. Congrats on the well deserved DD. :clap:
Wow this is very cool :D You even put the turnip from Super Mario Bros. 2 XD Can I post your fan arts on my tumblr blog about Super Mario? I'll credit you :)
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