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Mohammed and Jesus

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By Phostex   |   
Mature  |  Published: May 2, 2010
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According to the highest authority (Wikipedia), there are very few people, even Muslims who should find this offensive. Muhammed, the Muslim prophet, is sharing a cookie with Jesus, the Christian Savior.

Sunnis are the largest group of Muslims to be concerned with portrayals of the prophet Muhammed, mainly because they fear that it would cause idolatry, the worship of an image over the idea behind it. That is completely rational, and I respect that. But it is not a written in Qu'ran, and bans against it are only ever found in supplemental texts, and resemble the Jewish traditional ban on "graven images".

Persian and Ottoman Muslims over the centuries have created many beautiful works of art depicting Muhammed in a historical light. The Supreme Court Building in Washington DC depicts Muhammed along with Hammurabi and Moses as a Judge and Rule-maker. Devotional and historical films have been made about Muhammed. And in my opinion, yeah, the Dutch cartoons of Muhammed were kind of insensitive, and in my opinion, kind of not funny either. Maybe that's what passes for humor in the Netherlands.

So to anyone who threatens me with violence over a heavily stylized depiction of Muhammed with a cookie: Fuck you.
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Cynderthedragon5768Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hah I had a idea to draw Mohammed chilling with a bunch of depictions of god through history, at a table with items/food that represents them
From your experience will I get nuked or somethn

asking because I'm a little worried, I live in Texas and the area I live at has a muslim population, and I HAVE had people try to track me for other reasons IRL from the internet so I'm a bit worried I'm going to offend the wrong people, even if my portrayal isn't meant to be offensive and is more for historical sake.
61021376's avatar
Why are they so concerned about causing idolatry?
To me it sounds like a religion which is a ripoff of many others, not making much sense on its own, and thus being more uppity about that kind of minute little things.
ProfessorFritz's avatar
Muslim here and I like it. :3
Muslimahsunna's avatar
Why drawing faces this way muhammed looks uglier yet nice idea i guess
Phostex's avatar
I think his beard is neat.
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jadedacatl106Student General Artist
I think this is cute and sweet. Am I one of the few that think this idea is sweet?
Phostex's avatar
Nope.  Lots of people do!
TeslaTitanicX's avatar
Its not nice you tried to reveal their faces.
Phostex's avatar
I think it is, and I succeeded in revealing their faces, minus the parts under their hair and beards.
TeslaTitanicX's avatar
Hope god will forgive you :)
aqlaam's avatar
It's a nice idea!
Let Muslims and Christians live together!
Greetings to Christian brothers!
For offensive comments, please stop telling jokes about our religion as long as we don't make fun about yours...
I beg you to stop that...

But you, sir. who drew the deviation, shocked some Muslims who believe that drawing Mohammed (PBUH) is offensive, but forbidden in our religion... But I appreciate your idea, sir :)
FrankCajun's avatar
we do live together that whole we hate each other is bullshit. I had a muslim friend in high school and it was lit boss.
Phostex's avatar
Well, I don't get many comments on this piece any more (it's pretty old) but consider it done, sir!
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kumdang-2Hobbyist General Artist
Would Muhammed share his s*x slaves with Jesus? :D (Big Grin) 
Muslimahsunna's avatar
Pff that's all what you have and understand , bullshit
Phostex's avatar
Mohamed was born around 400 years after Jesus died, so probably not.
AMERICANKNIGHT1234Student Artist
I bet Jesus's hips where like old wood if he were still alive.
kumdang-2's avatar
kumdang-2Hobbyist General Artist
That didn't stop him from talking to Moses who wuz at least a thousand years before Jesus. Funny how that works :D
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TheAugmentedScytherHobbyist General Artist
How the fuck did you post this and not get snackbar'd?
Phostex's avatar
Relative obscurity.
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PizzaJunkieHobbyist General Artist
Shhh cut the sweetness I'm prediabetic.

jokes aside this is one of the cutest things I've seen! Keep up the good work.
gians777's avatar
please removed this photo because it includes harassment, because the Prophet Muhammad should not be made a cartoon or photo, please respect fellow religious people !!!!!!
AMERICANKNIGHT1234Student Artist
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